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i’ll tri anything once

In a little bit I’m headed to my doctor’s for my annual “Woman’s Wellness” exam. I love that they give it such a quaint name, as if it somehow makes the whole thing easier to deal with. Let’s just call it what it is, folks: a really annoyingly uncomfortable session where someone is poking up in my vajayjay for what feels like is forever but is really only about five minutes.

But I digress.

I really like my primary care provider (who is actually a nurse practitioner). I feel comfortable with her and we get along well so when my job announced they were switching health insurance companies I had a panicked moment that she’d suddenly be out-of-network and I’d have to start the process of finding someone new to go to. Considering I haven’t had a regular physician since probably childhood and have spent years overpaying co-pays at urgent care this was not a happy thought. I also couldn’t find the facility right away when I looked at the new insurance company’s website but I tried again and found them. Crisis averted.

Normally I would walk to my appointment as it’s only about a mile and a half away, but I’m planning on going to Edgewater Park after for my training run and there’s not a super convenient way to get there by foot (though I think the pedestrian bridge is finally open). Plus, well, my reason for walking would be to get some exercise but as I’m going to be running for six miles I think in this instance a car is allowed. And, honestly, after having my vajayjay poked at followed by running six miles I really don’t want to have to walk home.

(As today’s run is six miles, it seems appropriate to wear my Cleveland Marathon 10K shirt. I also love that my one Bondi Band perfectly matches.)

As its name suggests, Edgewater Park is on the edge. Of the water. Clever, I know. The water is, of course, Lake Erie and the beach gets pretty packed during the summer months plus they have a Honey Hut, ’cause who doesn’t love local ice cream? (Speaking of, the new Mitchell’s in Ohio City needs to open up ASAP.) I went there for last week’s five mile run and about one mile in I kept looking over at the lake thinking Man I should have brought my swimsuit for after… cause man oh man did that water look tempting.

According to my cousin Matt this is the first sign of turning into an Iron (Wo)man. What will come next is thinking how easy it would be to bike to and from the park and then boom, there’s the trifecta.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s slow down here, kids. Today’s run marks the last of my comfortable training runs. That is, distances that I’ve already conquered and even with six miles I’ve only done it twice. After this is when the challenge really begins if I want to stick to my training schedule to be prepared by the time October rolls around. I’m visiting Sissy in September and taking the day before off so I can be sure to get my 11 mile long run in before I leave because I don’t want to miss a run that close to the half nor do I want to try and figure out a time to do it the morning I fly out or while on vacation. So let’s not go all crazy talking about triathalons and swimming several miles and don’t even get me started on cycling, as bicycles and I have a long and sordid history.

Though it would be nice to have a bike to get around the city during the summer months….

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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