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tricks of the trade

Monday was my first weigh-in after signing up for Weight Watchers meetings last week and even though I knew I did well I was still pretty nervous about stepping up on that scale. Turned out I didn’t need to be, though, since I lost 1.6 pounds!

I am able to attend meetings at an actual Weight Watchers store and I really like the facility. In the past I’d attended meetings in church basements or community buildings but the store has a more permanent feel to it with its bright green chairs and display cases that have the Weight Watchers food and cookbooks. Sissy asked me to keep an eye out for one of the coconut calcium fortified smoothie type drink thing and I bought it for her along with the mint cookies & cream for me. Because of its 10g of protein I plan on using it as a post-workout recovery drink after my training runs.

Signing up for the meetings was, hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time. Certainly within the past seven months and I do kind of want to kick myself for waiting so long, but c’est la vie.

Even just two meetings in, this decision of mine has caused me to start asking a lot of questions of myself. Like the idea of going further than my initial goal of 175 and becoming a Lifetime Member and sharing my story as a Leader… But that’s all for another post.

Before the meeting I went out to a late lunch with co-workers. Since I had already had my lunch I didn’t plan on ordering anything and while I always tell myself that, I inevitably do or I end up eating all the free chips and salsa or bread and butter. Plus, work has left us all stress eating since winter (hello, 30 pounds) so there is usually plenty of unhealthy fried food at the table to choose from. So, yes, this is a triggering situation and one I should probably remove myself from but I only ever get to see these co-workers on Mondays and want to take advantage of their company whenever I can.

This time though I knew I had to weigh in about an hour later and I knew that no matter what my mind was telling me I wasn’t actually hungry and didn’t need to eat anything. But since I always try and tell myself that anyway and it never works I needed a new plan of attack.

So I sat on my hands.

True story.

The only time my hands went anywhere near the table was to pick up my coffee mug. Other than that I sat on them. I don’t even know if my co-workers noticed but it was the only thing I could think of: if my hands were restrained that meant I couldn’t be reaching for the bread or the menu.

It sounds silly but it totally worked and a trick I’m going to have to employ more often when in those types of situations.

Do you have any simple mind games or tricks you play with yourself to stay on track?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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