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friday favorites from around the web

This was a good week on the internet. By that I mean lots of really good posts and articles that I just have to share with you guys.

I Lost 70 Pounds In 30 Days
You know whenever you see those ads for quick loss diet programs and schemes claiming someone lost a crazy amount of weight in an even crazier amount of time? Ever wonder where those Before & After photos come from? Chances are they were stolen from somebody who lost weight the right way, which is what happened to Roni Noone when one of those companies stole her photos and used them for an ad claiming she lost 70 lbs in 30 days. Roni, like the good blogger that she is, took to social media and was even featured on GMA yesterday about the situation!

Finding Confidence Through Fashion
Over on Monogram, the always fabulous Authentically Emmie published a great post about finding confidence through fashion as a plus size gal. I never really cared about fashion or clothes or high-end brands until recently and I think a lot of my reasons are outlined in Emily’s article. (True story: I cried in the dressing room the first time I fit into a Calvin Klein dress. It’s the only label I have ever lusted after and I fully blame Back to the Future.) Plus I so want the typewriter Kate Spade handbag she’s holding in the one photo.

My Story. After Biggest Loser.
Speaking of Authentically Emmie, earlier this week both she and Sweating Until Happy shared links to this piece from former Biggest Loser contestant Ashley “Pink Ninja” Johnston. I loved Ashley on her season of Biggest Loser and I am so grateful she came forward about her weight gain post show. I’ve often suspected a good number of Biggest Loser contestants struggle after returning home from the ranch but it’s not openly talked about because of the shame involved. After losing such a huge amount of weight in front of a national audience it takes serious balls to be open about it. I’ll definitely be following her blog and looking forward to seeing her new journey.

Join Nishkama Yoga at Athleta Beachwood
September is National Yoga Month and Alicia from Poise in Parma is celebrating along with some of her co-workers from Nishkama Yoga by teaching classes at the Athleta store in Beachwood! So if you’re a fellow Northeast Ohioan I highly recommend checking out one of these yoga sessions. I’ve practiced with Alicia before and if she’s any indictation of the talent at Nishkama you’ll be in excellent hands no matter which class you attend!

Join the Post-Op Party On Facebook
My gal Mae from Reduced Fat Girl has recently reduced her amount of loose skin after having plastic surgery and in true blogger fashion she’s not holding anything back about the post-op recovery process.

Thin Women: I’ve Got Your Back. Could You Get Mine?
You need to read this for the first paragraph alone. You also need to read this because the writer and I share the opinion that the whole “real women have curves” campaign is, while good in theory, horribly misguided and complete bullshit. I have non-curvy friends and trust me, they are just as sexy and “real” as this curvy gal right here. But, more to the point, weight-shaming anyone of any size is wrong. Pretty sure we can all agree on that point. The problem is when it develops into an Us vs. Them or Thin vs. Fat mentality when we should all be on the same side. Too often I feel the “body positivty” or “body acceptance” movement focuses solely on fat acceptance and while I am of course all about that, the reality is that thin women are not exempt from body image issues. As author Lindy West says, “Thin-shaming and fat-shaming are not separate, opposing issues—they are stratifications of the same issue: Patriarchal culture’s need to demoralize, distract, and pit women against one another. To keep women shackled by shame and hunger. To keep us obsessing over our flaws rather than our power and potential. To get our money.” (And, yes, I realize I am quoting that as someone who is giving money to Weight Watchers in order to lose weight but that is a personal decision that has nothing to do with how other people view me but because I want to be my happiest and healthiest and I don’t feel I can be that at my current weight.)

What are some interesting or noteworthy posts you’ve read this week?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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