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all those in favor, say Aye!

Stop telling the fat person to step away from the fridge. Stop telling the thin woman to eat a cupcake. Stop telling meat eaters that their steak will give them cancer and stop assuming veg*ans can only get adequate protein from animal sources. Stop telling “dirty” eaters to eat clean and stop telling clean eaters their dietary choice is over hyped. If you want to eat carbs, eat carbs. If you don’t, then don’t. No one is going to force a bagel down your throat at gunpoint.

I don’t like labeling foods as either “good” or “bad” because it’s all subjective. Eating habits are incredibly personal and certain food choices may come with mental, emotional, and  physical issues attached. When you tell someone they “should” eat something you may actually be enabling their behavior or risking their health. Your “good” might be their “bad.” More to the point, do you know what happens when you criticize someone with food issues or disordered eating patterns about what they’re eating? If someone doesn’t eat gluten they shouldn’t feel like they have to explain their entire gastrointestinal history.

If someone makes a decision to not eat something, before you condemn that choice please stop and consider for just one second that they may have a very good reason and shouldn’t be forced to defend it just to satisfy your curiosity. Because the fact of the matter is when we get right down to it, someone else’s food choices are none of your business.

I fully support educating myself and others about your dietary habits. I’m all for discussions. But do not lecture and do not, under any circumstances, judge.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “all those in favor, say Aye!”

  1. Aye! I wonder why this is so difficult for some people? It is annoying! The worst is ordering a salad and someone asking, are you on a diet? No, I just want a salad!


  2. I agree 100%!!! I can't tell you how many times I have had these exact same thoughts!! I remember when I was younger – people just ate what they wanted to – there weren't 100 (or more) different FAD diets and things going around so there was far less judgement going around. It was a lot easier to just eat the way you wanted to and the way that it worked for you.
    Thanks for sharing this post!!


  3. I totally do this! Maybe not out-loud, but in my head, except to the tv. I think everyone on tv needs a cookie to eat. I agree that we do need to do what's best for us and not worry about others.


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