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cloud nine

Since I don’t work Fridays and since today is a holiday, I’ve had myself quite a lovely very long weekend that started with another training run through the Rocky River Reservation.

Hells yeah, baby. Nine freaking miles! 
Let me tell ya, my legs were on fire after this run. I discovered muscles in my calves that did not exist before.

The rest of my Friday was pretty quiet and mostly spent reading. Saturday morning was my yoga class followed by heading to my parents’ house in Stars Hollow to help my mom with some stuff for a family bridal shower on Sunday.

Because today is Labor Day here in the States, my usual Weight Watchers meeting is cancelled so before heading to my parents for the weekend I made sure to check the Weight Watchers website to see if there were any nearby weekend meetings that fit my schedule and found one for Sunday morning.

That 2.8 certainly makes up for the 0.2 I lost last week! Just about half a pound away from my first 5 pounds, hopefully I’ll hit that tomorrow and just a few more pounds after that I’ll finally be back under 200!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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