the home of walk and roll

Monday was seriously, like, the laziest day ever. I spent it reading, then sleeping, then reading, then sleeping, then reading, then…

You get the idea.

By the time evening rolled around and I peeled myself out of my bed, I decided it was so lovely out that I just had to take advantage of it by going on an after-dinner walk. Got my shoes on, put in my earbuds, and headed out.

I’ve lived here for almost five years and still manage to find things in the city that surprise me. Like how we apparently have our own mini Walk of Fame over near the new Convention Center (which I finally found. Not that it was, y’know, missing but the Expo for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon is there and every time I asked Papa G. where it was located I could never quite figure it out from the directions he offered).

There’s also this ad agency over on Lakeside with the most fabulous windows.

For about half a city block there was a collection of different little sayings along the bottom of the windows, including one to say Hi to Mark — he’s the guy in glasses — and that they like my shirt.

Given that it was a holiday there wasn’t actually anyone in the office but I did say Hi to Glasses Mark on Twitter and he said hi back. 

True story. 

Can never forget Cleveland’s iconic FREE stamp.

The stamp was commissioned in the mid-80s by Standard Oil of Ohio for their new headquarters. Before the scuplture was finished, Standard Oil was acquired by BP and apparently the BP executive didn’t find the stamp appropriate for the intended location and so the stamp sat in storage for the next few years until 1991 when BP donated the sculpture to the city of Cleveland and it finally found a permanent home in Willard Park.

There’s your history lesson for today, folks. You can thank me later. 
Although, when it comes to the Land of Cleves there is nothing more iconic than the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which is what ended up being my turning around point of my walk.

There and back was just under four miles. Not too shabby for a spontaneous walk after dinner.

I had so much fun discovering little nooks and crannies of this city I love so much I think I’m going to have to make it a regular part of my week from now on.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “the home of walk and roll”

  1. That picture of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty stunning! Also, that's super cool that you live so close that you can just walk around downtown without having to drive there.


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