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a perfect storm

First, I started out too late in the morning. I was up early enough to get my butt out the door hours before I did but I decided to putz around and didn’t end up getting to Edgewater until about 10:30. With 11 miles ahead of me that was way too late to start, especially considering within two miles the overcast clouds burned away and I was left with bright blue sky, lots of sun, and very little coverage.

Someone obviously went out without wearing sunscreen

Next, when I did start running I started way too fast. There was no way I was going to keep that pace up in that heat. Luckily I had my water bottle and kept filling it as necessary.

I nearly quit after 8 miles. I was off the path and halfway to my car before I gritted my teeth and turned around to finish the remaining three. In the end, I had walked half my mileage.

Those were a rough 11 miles. They were slow, and tedious, and loooooooong.

But they were still 11 miles.

As a friend said on Facebook, Sometimes 11 miles feels awesome. Sometimes 11 miles feels…less than awesome. Either way you still made it through 11 miles!

Last weekend’s 10 miles was proof that I can have good long runs and I know bad runs, at any distance, can happen to any runner. Plus, no matter what, I can take pride in doing every single long run that was part of my half training. If nothing else, by the time race day comes around it should be much cooler and I know I’ll be starting early!

Speaking of running in cooler weather, I took advantage of a Groupon earlier this week and registered for the Christmas Story House 10K. 

Yes, ladies & gents, that A Christmas Story house.

Parts of the movie were filmed here in my fair city and in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary, the house and museum is celebrating with lots of events, including this race. Not only will they be showing the film after the race but all entrants are put in a drawing for their very own Leg Lamp.

Also, I’m not one for dressing but this race may require it. With my pink shoes and pink athletic jacket I may try to find pink bunny ears this Halloween season in honor of Ralphie’s Christmas present from his Aunt Clara.

The best part, though?

I may have signed up for the race just so I could have one of these finisher’s medals.

True story.

I’m headed to the DC area to visit Sissy and her husband! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

7 thoughts on “a perfect storm”

  1. 11 miles is still 11 miles even if it is ugly! You should definitely be proud and know that race day will make this 11 miles worth it!

    Welcome to the area this weekend 🙂


  2. I live about an hour south of Cleveland and I just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago. I didn't even know this 5-10k existed! I am so signing up even if I have to walk the entire thing!


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