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choosing happy

A week from today I’ll be hanging out at the Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Expo in anticipation of my first half marathon, which is only a week and a half away! I’m done with all of my long runs and have now entered the tapering phase and being so close to the half has given me a lot to think about. Specifically my pace and the fact that the half is probably going to take me about 30 minutes longer to run than I initially thought.

Do I wish I was a faster runner? Absolutely.
Do I wish I could knock out 7, 8 minute miles? Hell yes.

But I am not and I cannot. So, I have two options: I can either work with what I have or I can whine and moan and miss the big picture.

I am not a fast runner, but I’m still a runner.

I may not be first across that finish line but I will cross that finish line.

I may not weigh under 200 pounds but I have maintained a 100+ pound weight loss for over a year.

I may not wear a size 4, but damn if I don’t make a size 14 look good.

I may not be a natural ginger but I at least have ways of faking it.

I may not have a boyfriend but at least I’m not the 300 Sandwiches lady.

Accepting what you are not does not equal settling. Take my hair: I was born a natural blonde. With age not only comes wisdom but a shade closer to brunette. I can waste a lot of time hating my hair or I can just dye it, which I’ve been doing for over a decade.

Sure, I wish I hadn’t gained some of my weight back and was still at 175. But I’m not. I can lament this fact and beat myself up or I can learn to feel comfortable and sexy and happy at my current weight while continuing to make the positive healthy choices that will get me back down.

Approach life as it is, not how you want it to be. But also recognize that to get the life you want, you have to work for it.

In other news, the dates and location for FitBloggin ’14 were announced! I had to miss this year because of Sissy’s wedding but come June I’m determined to be in Savannah, Georgia for the conference and to finally meet (in real life) so many people from the healthy living community I’ve come to know through social media. Anyone else planning on attending?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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