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moving right along with fitbit

Between work and home I spend a lot of time sitting. I exercise a few times a week but how beneficial are those 30 or 40 minutes if the rest of my day is spent in a chair in front of a computer? It’s one reason Weight Watchers created their Active Link, which only starts counting Activity Points after you’ve hit a base threshold of daily activity.

I know I should move more but it’s hard to work up the motivation without any real way to quantify or compare it. Soooooo after months of debating it, I finally bought myself a new shiny.

Yes, ladies and gents, I have joined the ranks of FitBit owners!

I went with the Zip and just a few days in am already in love. I clip it on my bra and it’s super discrete but also easy enough  to access during the middle of the day if I want to see how my progress is going. It really is amazing how something so little really does motivate you to get up and move.

So far at work I’ve found two ways to easily get more steps in, both involving the restroom actually. See, I split my time between two buildings and in both buildings my office area is really close to the restroom. So in Building One — which is built like a big square — I’ve started taking the long way around the building to the restroom and break room. In Building Two — which has me on the second floor — I’ve started using the restroom that is not only on the other side of the building but on the first floor, so I get stair climbing, too!

Yesterday was the first day I hit the recommended 10,000 steps but it wasn’t as hard as I was anticipating, just took a bit of work and thinking ahead. Apparently, days I hit 10K will count towards my weekly GymPact goal, too. The syncing between apps can sometimes take up to 24 hours so I’m still waiting but that would definitely be an extra motivator.

Any other FitBit owners out there?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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