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monday motivation

Friday I was having a rough time with my food choices and found myself in need of some motivation, a little extra push to get back on the right track. Given that my blog’s motto is Be Your Own Hero, it stands to reason that as much as I can I’ll try and find my own motivation when needed. In this case, I decided to make up some little signs.

I chose to use some of my favorite inspirational quotes with fun backgrounds and after printing them out on my home computer, I posted them around my apartment in spots and places I thought would be helpful. Like, say, on my bathroom mirror or the wall of my office where my eyes tend to fall the most.

Others are in the kitchen, so I can’t help but look at them when I’m opening up one of my cabinets.

I made a total of six little signs and so far even in just the few days I’ve had them up I’ve found them pretty helpful. Like, I’ll kind of forget they are there and then all of a sudden I’ll turn a corner into the room or my eyes will look at something else in that area and I’ll see one.

One of the things Weight Watchers encourages with their new 360 program is that weight loss is more than just what you eat and how active you are. Having healthy environments to move through during the day will aid in encouraging you to continue making healthy choices, whether it’s your home, your work place, even navigating the grocery store or while traveling. Putting up these little signs might seem like a small action but it’s a way to actively make my living space a healthy space.

After putting them all around my apartment I decided to make them available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Right now you can get all six motivational signs to print out and put around your home for $5, but by using coupon code PHOENIXYEAR you can get 20% off your purchase (that’s a store wide discount, too, so feel free to look around a little).

What are some ways you make your living space a healthy space?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “monday motivation”

  1. I love the challenge you/ change you one. That's one of my favorites that I have in my workout space. I suck at keeping my workout zone (and kitchen) motivational..


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