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getting my spin on with harness cycle

Y’all know I love spinning, so when my friend Missy informed me a few months ago that a spinning studio was opening in the Ohio City neighborhood I was all over it and started paying attention the website and Twitter account to keep myself updated and informed. So last week when I saw the announcement for the opening weekend rides, I immediately signed up for the Sunday 10:00 am class which was being led by Danielle.

Source: Harness Cycle

Harness Cycle’s eventual permanent home will be over on Detroit and West 29th, but for right now they have a temporary set-up at CycleLab which is located on West 25th. Both locations are super close to me me — I’m talking easy walking distance — which is way  better than having to drive 15 miles, which is what I had been doing. Let’s all be honest: the more convenient exercise is, the more motivated you are going to be to do it.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was. The class was full of other instructors at the studio and while we were all setting up our bikes they were all going around and introducing themselves. The instructor Danielle had amazing energy and led a really really powerful class, with lots of upper arm movements which I always love. No hand weights but it sounds like those will be coming soon with future classes. The ride was intense but in a way that left me feeling strong and after I checked my FitBit and had racked up close to 6000 steps in class!

Next, I headed to my Weight Watchers meeting. With all the changes going on at work I’m no longer able to attend my usual Monday evening meeting but the Sunday meeting time was perfect. Having those two events back-to-back made for an excellent start to my week and I’ve already signed up for the class next Sunday, too! (I’m also thinking that Friday 6:30am class sounds really tempting. Crazy, but tempting.)

This week’s classes are available online at $10 a class and are booking up fast, so if you’re in Cleveland and looking for a spinning class in the 216 I highly recommend checking out the new Harness Cycle studio.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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