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dear yoga

I know I’ve been a little distance these past few weeks. We make plans and then I flake out at the last minute. We don’t really talk any more and I’ve been seriously neglecting our relationship.

First, I need you to know that you are amazing and awesome and there is nothing you could have done any different.

Second, I also need you to realize that it’s not you, it’s me.

Well, me and my new girlfriend spinning.

I realize how ridiculous it sounds but I really do feel like I’m cheating on you with spinning. You have been such a huge and instrumental part of my life for the past two years and have assisted me in so many ways and then along comes these shiny new bikes and strong beats and high-resistance climbs and you just really didn’t stand a chance.

In some ways it makes me a little nostalgic. I mean, remember back when we first met and we were hanging out two or three times a week? You got me out of bed before work for ridiculously early workouts and it completely boggled my mind because I don’t even like getting up to do workout videos in my own home that early, let alone getting up and getting in my car and driving somewhere.

But you made me feel so good both body and soul that I was willing to do it for you and now spinning is doing the same. Not only in terms of multiple classes in one week but really early classes, too. I’ve been attending the 6:30 am Friday class the past few weeks and now I’m signed up for the 6:30 am Wednesday morning class and I’m so looking forward to having that ride before heading off into work and the rest of my day.

We’ve been through this before, you and I, back when I was first introduced to running and we got through that and I have no doubt we’ll get through this eventually, too. (Plus, if it makes you feel any better I’m kind of cheating on you and running with spinning so you’re in good company.)

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “dear yoga”

  1. I've been neglecting yoga too, trying to get in a s much running before the four letter word messes up the sidewalks. Planning on going Sunday after a run.


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