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Recap: 32nd Annual Cleveland Turkey Trot

Thursday morning, before heading to Stars Hollow for Thanksgiving dinner, I bundled up against the snow and cold to race in Cleveland’s Turkey Trot!

The race course started and ended downtown near Public Hall which was super convenient for me as I live downtown so I didn’t have to worry about having to leave early to get to the race on time. With a 9:30 start I still was able to sleep in just a bit.

I learned two things during this race. The first is that after surviving the sleety mess that was the St. Malachi race back in March I can survive just about any weather. The second was that after completing a half marathon, a 5 mile race seems so ridiculously short. This really surprised me, for no other reason than when I first started running less than two years ago I couldn’t even finish a full mile and now I’m all “Pssh. What’s 5 after 13.1?”

Of course, I haven’t done much running since the half-marathon two months ago and it showed in my time as I completed in 1 hour and 19 minutes, a far cry from the 1:09 I had completed before. But that’s okay, as my legs have still been getting lots of work done on them thanks to all of my spinning classes. Just goes to show you can’t take several weeks off and expect to be at your top performance. Truthfully this was more like a “test run” to get back out there before this Saturday’s Christmas Story House 10K! Because I haven’t been running I wanted to get a general idea of where I am pace-wise and while I clearly haven’t been motivated enough to go out and run 5 miles on my own, give me a finish line and a t-shirt and I’m there.

Moments after crossing the finish line, I rounded the corner of the food tables and happened to look over and see my friend Kitty, who I haven’t seen since we graduated from high-school thirteen years ago.

So random. So unexpected. And so the reason I love Cleveland as much as I do.

After the race I got home, took a nice loooooooong shower, then got ready and headed to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner! On Friday I did some Black Friday shopping at JoAnn Fabrics since I needed scrapbooking materials.

I know I look all sexy and sassy on the outside, but I’m really a big ol’ nerd at heart who has to buy themed stickers for her racing scrapbook.

This Saturday is looking to be another cold one so this week I’m on the hunt for hand warmers. Once you start running the rest of your body heats up pretty quickly but I only have regular old gloves and after an hour and a half of being out in the cold my hands were practically numb. I’d rather avoid having to repeat a drive home where I have my hands pressed up against the car heaters.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “Recap: 32nd Annual Cleveland Turkey Trot”

  1. I love the scrapbook picture. I've been mentally designing an artistic way to frame my first half-marathon bib and pictures. Your creation gives me some inspiration, thank you!


  2. I can't imagine running in the snow. That is one thing about living up north that would be hard for me. I can deal with running in the heat and humidity of the summers, but cold is too much for me. 13 years? I really can't believe that it's been that long! I love the scrapbook idea. What a great way to keep organized and remember your races.


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