body image, weight loss

back on the wagon again

We all know the scale doesn’t define us (or at least shouldn’t) and I’ve said many, many times that I’m very happy with where I am in terms of sense of self and who I am and all that fabulous jazz. Even so, right now I’m not happy with The Number I see on the scale and I know I’ve been making poor food choices that even all my exercising can’t off-set. I’ve tried going at it alone, using MyFitnessPal but couldn’t find my footing with it.

So that can mean only one thing.

I tried meetings and while my overall experience this time around was better than when I first did Weight Watchers back in college, I feel like I can safely say that meetings are just not for me. I tried, I really did, but I’m an online girl. Online works for me and so that’s what I’ve signed up for again.

Right now I’m counting points and actually really like it. After months of doing Simply Filling, the structure that Points provides is just what I needed but of course also comes with its own level of flexibility. But because I really do like how Simply Filling works I’d like to figure out a way to balance both, either by alternating weeks or doing Points on the weekend (when I need the most structure) and doing SF during the week.

Honestly, I’m more than a little mortified to list my weight right now because of how much I’ve regained this past year. It’s not that much more than when I started meetings back in the fall, but the overall amount is rather embarrassing. So until I get comfortable with that, I will say that my first week back on Weight Watchers I lost 4 pounds! Not a bad start if I do say so myself.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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