2013 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Sooooooo Christmas is two weeks away.

Say wha?!

Don’t be jelly, but my family is actually going to London (as in England) for the holiday.

I know, I know. You are indeed allowed to hate me.

But with the holiday season coming up you may be looking for gifts for friends or even items to add to your own fitness wish list.

Blogger Disclosure: I’m not getting compensated to promote these items, I just really really love them. That being said, I am part of the Amazon Affiliate program so if you purchase any of these items through my Amazon Store I will receive a small advertising fee.


My FitBit Zip is, of course, is my new favorite shiny toy and I can’t believe it took me so long to buy one! I sit so much at my job and don’t walk nearly as much as I should but having the Zip really does help motivate me to move more. Mine is the more basic model, tracking steps and calories, and it’s just what I need. Super discrete I wear it clipped to my bra and nobody knows it’s there. Truthfully, I can’t wait to see how many miles I rack up while walking around Merry Olde England in a few weeks!

If you also have a FitBit, be sure to friend me!

Heart Rate Monitor

My Polar FT4 is my best friend while I’m running or, really, doing any kind of exercise. I love keeping track of my heart rate and knowing when it’s okay to push myself a bit more and during races the clock feature helps me see how I’m doing pace-wise. And, of course, I love seeing how many calories I’ve burned during a certain activity!

Food Scale

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my digital food scale. Measuring cups and spoons are great but to be really accurate it’s best to use a food scale. Mine measure in both grams and ounces and I really appreciate the feature that allows me to put a plate or bowl on top and zero the weight out. It’s also super sensitive, which is awesome so I can measure all manner of foods from stuff that’s really dense to really light options like Cool Whip.

Workout DVDs

Sometimes getting to the gym to exercise is just too much work, especially when it’s winter and cold outside. This is where workout DVDs are a great option to have since you can just pop it into your TV and exercise from the comfort of your home. Obviously y’all know I love my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 as well as her Shred It With Weights and would recommend either one.

Gift Cards

I know some people are polorized on the topic of gift cards, thinking them too impersonal. I love gift cards and at work Christmas parties they are always the first thing to get snatched up. Who doesn’t love being able to buy exactly what you want? This is especially true for fitness people as we can be pretty particular about our gear and clothes. I love my New Balance shoes and Moving Comfort bra, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect someone to know which style and size I would need. Plus, that shit can be expensive but something as simple as a gift card would help offset the purchase of either of those items in a way that would be greatly appreciated.

Likewise, if you know where they workout see about purchasing part of their gym membership or a set of passes to their local yoga or spinning studio (wink wink).


When running, especially during the summer when I’m not wearing a jacket with pockets, I never leave home without my small personal item belt or SPIbelt. It still amazes me how much stuff I can fit in there — keys, iPhone, identification, and during my half-marathon training even food and snacks.

What is on your fitness wish list this year?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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