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2013 Race Year Review

With the end of the year comes the end of my 2013 races, so like I did last year I’ve put together a handy dandy quick recap! This year alone I managed to race nearly 50 miles which, granted, might not seem like a lot but for someone who has been running less than two full years I’m rather proud of myself. Plus, that’s not counting all of the training miles and regular runs I put in over the course of twelve months.

Recap: Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run 10K
My 2013 racing season started with not only my first out of town race (Houston, TX) but also my first 10K! I stayed at the home of my aunt and uncle and was able to see my mom’s side of the family while I was in town plus my uncle ran the race with me. It was a HUGE race with 15,000 participants for both the 10K and 5K. I wanted to finish in under 90 minutes so was very happy with my time of 1:26:13.

Recap: St. Malachi 5 Miler
Rocking my green and white striped St. Patrick’s Day themed knee-high socks, I was bundled up against the Cleveland elements for what is one of the city’s biggest races. I mean, this race has been around longer than I’ve been alive. It’s always held around St. Patrick’s Day which means that you never know what the weather will be like. For 2013 we had lots of fog and lots of snow and slush: by the time I got to the water station the cups all had water crystals from sitting outside for so long! But after finishing in 1:08:58 I walked away knowing that if I could race in that weather I can race in just about anything.

Recap: Cleveland Marathon 10K
This was a tough race for no other reason than the first mile was almost all up hill which always slows me down so I knew early on that I wouldn’t be beating my time from the Rodeo Run and then around mile 5 I got an awful stitch in my right side, but I still finished in ninety minutes.

Recap: Running With a Mission 5K
This was a very important race for me. When I ran this race in 2012 it was my very first race ever and I ended up coming in last place. Always loving a personal challenge, I was excited to once again conquer those stupid hills at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to see how far I had come as a runner and when I once again crossed that finish line I had shaved 5 minutes off my previous time, finishing in 43:03! I was also interviewed by The City Mission about my experience for their PR video, which can be viewed here (I can be seen about two minutes in). And, oh hey, as you can see in the above photo I got my picture taken with the Cleveland Indians mascot Slider!

Recap: Bay Days 5 Miler
Honestly, all I really remember from this race was how ridiculously hot and humid it was. Well that and, because of the heat, many many Bay Village residents had their sprinklers out for us runners which was amazing and so very thoughtful. When I finished after 1:09:50 I was one big ball of sweat (seriously, it was really gross how drenched my shirt was).

Recap: Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland Half Marathon
That’s right, ladies and gents: I am a half-marathoner! Believe me, never in a million gazillion google-plex years would I have ever imagined I would one day get to say that. I had an awesome cheering section throughout the course, some accidental like running into two friends who were randomly spectators, while two of my other friends knew I’d be running by their apartments so they left me fun little messages and banners. When my mom sent me photos from the race so I could put them in my racing scrapbook, she had a note saying she couldn’t believe how big my smile was after just completing 13.1 miles and when I put the picture on Facebook I had another runner friend say the exact same thing. Sometimes you are just so in awe of yourself you can’t help but grin like a fool. I had hoped to finish in 3 hours and 30 minutes but I was just so happy to finish that I wear my final time of 3:37:53 with pride.

Recap: Turkey Trot
After running a half marathon, something like a five mile race seems ridiculously short and easy. Of course, because it was the first running I had done since the half-marathon my legs weren’t really up to snuff and I finished in 1:19:03, which I’m not crazy about, but it’s my own fault for not keeping up with the running. But it’s okay, because minutes after crossing the finish line I ran into a friend from high-school I hadn’t seen since graduating!

Recap: A Christmas Story House 10K
This was, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite races to run. It was the first race where I donned a costume (a pink bunny, in the spirit of the pajama set Ralphie got from his Aunt Clara) and there was just so much Cleveland pride with this race. (It also came with the best racing bib and medal I’ve seen. I mean, how can any other race hope to compete with running leg lamps?!) My time of 1:37:53 isn’t my best but I had so much fun it’s okay. The race was created as part of the film’s 30th Anniversary festivities but I so, so hope they make it an annual thing.

One of my running goals for 2014 is to do more speed work. When I run or race I just kind of go out there with the goal of running the distance and not really thinking about time or pace but now that I’ve got this arsenal of past races I want to start focusing on PRs and upping my game. I slacked off the second half of the year and it showed in my times from my last few races. I know I can run the distances, so now my focus should shift from just completing the races to completing with a time goal.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “2013 Race Year Review”

  1. I love the idea of focusing on more speed work. You've already proven you can add more and more miles, so this is a new way to measure growth and improvement. Plus all that half-marathon training takes away from your personal life, so if another goal of yours is to get out there and meet new people or apply for new jobs this year, you don't want a running schedule that will detract from that. Shaving a few minutes off your time with each race is a great feeling– at least as great as running a new distance. Good luck to you!


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