14 Goals for 2014

So here we are, dear readers. Another year is upon us and I decided that instead of making resolutions that I would inevitably not follow through on I would set specific goals to keep me motivated instead. Specifically, 14 goals in honor of 2014.

1) Travel More
It probably goes without saying that my recent trip to London has a lot to do with this goal. There are so many places I want to visit but I don’t ever follow through on making plans to take trips. But I love traveling, especially to new places and foreign countries. Plus my passport is brand new this year so I gots lots o’ space to fill up with stamps.

2) Find Job Satisfaction
Truthfully I don’t even know what this one means, I just know that something has to change.

3) Find Scale Satisfaction
I don’t like the idea of seeing a specific weight goal or an amount of pounds I want to lose. Ideally my first goal would be to get back under 200 pounds but it’s not going to require an entire year to do that. Really, though, knowing that the number is just a number, what I ultimately want to do is come to peace with the number on the scale or maybe even get rid of the damn thing all together (baby steps on that one, though).

4) Research Becoming a Fitness Instructor
Maybe this is somehow related to #2, but I feel as though I have more to offer to the world than what I’m currently doing professionally. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe it’s spinning. I just know there is some activity out there that I would excel at as a teacher.

5) Entertain More
Over the years I’ve amassed a ridiculous amount of fabulous dining and kitchen pieces that are just perfect for entertaining and yet I have people over maybe once a year. I have a lovely apartment, a fantastic collection of bar ware, and tons of serving dishes that go unappreciated so I need to start having soirees.

6) Volunteer
This one is actually all ready in the works as I have a meeting on Friday to see about starting to volunteer at the Western Reserve Historical Society library. My work schedule leaves me with ample time on the weekends that I know could be put to better use.

7) Be More Open To Dating
I already date, right? I mean, I’m a fabulous feisty single thirty-two-year-old red head. Of course I date. I just don’t talk about it here because, well, this isn’t the appropriate place and because when it comes to that part of my life I’m pretty private. But let me tell you, dating in your thirties fucking sucks. By now you’re pretty well-established as an individual and it’s difficult to invite another person into that. Especially when you’re, y’know, an introvert. Really, to sum it up without details, I want to stop limiting myself so much when it comes to the men I go out with.

8) Attend FitBloggin 14
I know I’ve mentioned this conference several times on the blog, but that’s because I’m so hoping I make it there this year. Now that it’s actually 2014 and registration opens soon, now is the time to start making concrete plans like air travel, hotel arrangements, etc. (And, y’know, if there are any companies or organizations who wanna sponsor me feel free to email *wink wink*)

9) Beat my 2013 RnRCLE Half Marathon Time
This is sort of an obvious one but, I like to think, definitely an achievable goal. I finished my first half-marathon with a time of 3:37:53 and I want to run the 2014 Cleveland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in less time.

10) Read 50 Books (and keep track of them)
I have absolutely no idea how many books I read this year. Or last year. Or the year before. I have a GoodReads account but I’m terrible about keeping it updated — usually I’m good for the first few months of the year and then I forget or fall out of habit. As such I have no idea how many books I’ve read in a given year plus I have a tendency to forget the books I did read.

11) Track My Mileage
When I put together my 2013 Race Year Review, I was able to figure out how many miles I ran in races but I had no idea how many miles I ran total for the year and that is a number I’d love to know.

12) Break Out of My Bar Comfort Zone
My friends and I have our place, right? That one bar where we always go whenever we’re going out on the weekends. The kind of bar where they know your name and your drink and it’s all fun and fabulous. But as much as I love that bar, this city has so many fantastic fucking bars and restaurants that I really should be trying.

13) Write Every Single Day
A couple years ago I got to hear Deborah Harkness, author of A Discovery of Witches, speak when she was on a tour stop here in Cleveland and the one piece of advice that has always stuck with me from her talk was when she told the audience “One page a day for an entire year turned into A Discovery of Witches.” (Or something to that effect, I don’t remember her exact wording.) It’s such a simple idea, writing a page a year and while I don’t know if I’ll actually write an entire page a year I want to write something. A really really good line. A character description. Maybe a poem. Something. Anything. As long as I do it every single day.

14) Say A Hearty Yes To My Adventure
I’ll go more into this on Friday when I unveil my word for the year, just know that based entirely on intuition I feel really really really good about 2014 and fully ready to embrace whatever inevitable changes take place during the next twelve months.

What are some of your goals or resolutions for the coming year? Also, congrats to Susan who won the free copy of Happy Herbivore Light & Lean!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “14 Goals for 2014”

  1. I'm so excited to have won that book! Thank you for the chance, it's perfect timing! My goals are about growth, and I haven't laid out my exact plans yet, that's kind of still in the works, but it'll get there 🙂 I love that one of yours is to entertain more. I always thought I'd want to do that, but I much more enjoy going elsewhere. I stress to much when it's at home!


  2. Those are great goals for 2014. I especially like the one about travelling more. Now that I am not a student and have money in the bank, I need to get out in this world more as well.


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