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joining the judgement free zone at planet fitness

I’ve been thinking of joining a gym for awhile now, it was all just a matter of where and for how much. A few months ago a new swanky fitness club opened up in a nearby development project and I obviously liked the location as I’d like somewhere that would make it convenient for me to work out during the work week, either before or after. The monthly membership was but they have a drop in fee that allows you to try the club out on an as-needed basis which was my plan for Saturday.

Until, of course, Saturday morning rolled around and it took me forever to get myself up and out the door. It wasn’t until I had driven over to the gym and I was sitting in the parking lot that I realized the reason I was so hesitant is because just the very idea of walking in to the gym left me intimidated and out of place, let alone actually working out in there.

Then I remembered there were a few Planet Fitness locations in the Northeast Ohio area and when I had half-heartedly researched gyms several months ago I liked the look and feel of PF. So I turned my car around and headed to the one in Rocky River to get a better idea of what they offer and after a tour of the facility I decided to sign up!

Copyright Planet Fitness

While the other gym left me feeling intimidated, as soon as I walked into Planet Fitness and looked around I had that Yup, this is the place for me feeling and the employee giving me the tour even said “We don’t cater to the body builder type, this is more for people who just want to stay fit.” There motto is Judgement Free Zone and you are probably also familiar with the brand if you watch The Biggest Loser.

At my apartment building I already have access to an elliptical and treadmill so one of my main reasons for wanting to join a gym is to have access to weights and strength training machines. I’ve always been a cardio gal but am well aware that strength training is equally important

Not only did I end up working out for a bit after I signed up but I also went back Sunday morning and I’m planning on going back tonight after work.

Oh, that’s the other thing: They offer two payment plans both of which are really reasonable but I decided to go for the $20/month Black Card level which will allow me to use any Planet Fitness. The Rocky River location is great for me on the weekends but a little inconvenient during the week. But luckily there is another location super close to work. I’m allowed to use the other locations up to 10 times a month which is perfect as I can’t imagine I’ll be visiting more than two times a week.

Any other Planet Fitness members out there?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “joining the judgement free zone at planet fitness”

  1. Blogger keeps timing out when I comment… I wish I had a PF near me. I like their attitude there and my parents love their location. I hope you enjoy getting more familiar with the weights πŸ™‚


  2. PF sounds great. As a man, I find the normal gym atmosphere to be toxic. All these muscle bound lunks eyeballing my biceps, judging my bench presses. I've had to retreat to workouts inside my own home, with the exception of running. A gym that caters to fitness rather than bulk sounds fantastic.


  3. I used to go to PF and loved it! I've since cancelled my membership but only because both my apartment and my office building have free gyms, so I save a little extra money each month… but yeah PF is definitely worth the money! My only wish is that they had classes, but again that would raise the price so it seems to workout for the trade-off. Plus I just love those little purple tootsie rolls πŸ˜‰


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