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what i love wednesday: justin’s individual peanut butter packs

I know I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that peanut butter is a trigger food for me. I love the stuff to no end but it’s tricky and almost dangerous to keep a jar in my apartment because I have, also on more than one occasion, managed to just attack that thing with a spoon.

So I don’t know why it took me so long to start buying these little puppies.

That’s right, ladies & gents, individual nut butter packets. 

These packs of Justin’s nut butter are amazing, come in a wide variety of flavors (the chocolate hazelnut option solves another trigger food problem of mine as well), and just what someone like me needs. Each packet is about 2 T, which is the normal serving size listed on a jar of peanut (or in this case almond) butter but this way it’s all already portioned out! No muss, no fuss. (I found them at Giant Eagle, for all interested parties, but I’ve seen them other places as well.)

They also are perfect for travelling so the night before I’ll cut up some celery and throw it in my lunch bag with one of these and then I can just spread it on the celery when I’m ready to eat lunch or need a healthy snack. I can just imagine going on a road trip with these or even using them as running fuel when I need a bit of protein!

But, seriously, my favorite part is the fact that it’s all pre-portioned. So even if I do have an inclination to just eat peanut butter straight up (and let’s face it, who doesn’t have that inclination every once in awhile?) at least this way I go in knowing exactly how many calories and Weight Watchers points it is I’m about to eat, whereas if I’m just having a hit and run with the jar it really is anyone’s guess.

Granted, like most pre-packaged, pre-portioned items it costs more than just buying the regular size. Think bag of chips versus bunch of snack size bags. But for me, knowing I can still have my indulgence without over-indulging is priceless.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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