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recap: garage sale 5K

Hermes is one of Cleveland’s race organization companies and are moving their offices. As such, they decided to hold a Garage Sale 5K as a way of cleaning house and getting rid of old shirts, bibs, and medal/awards that they didn’t want to have to transport. For us runners this meant that when we first got there we were allowed to take our pick of shirts from past Hermes races! (It also meant that the registration fee was about half what it normally is since they didn’t need the overhead of having new items made.)

The one thing I will tell you about this race was how very, very, very cold it was. I’ve raced in snow, I’ve raced in slush, but that’s nothing like running in 12 degrees (which isn’t even taking into account the wind chill). Seriously, people, it was fucking freezing. It was one of those moments where I suddenly understood why non-runners think the rest of us are crazy.

Sissy and my BIL were in town because Papa G.’s birthday and the long weekend, which meant they were able to see me race for the first time. When everyone showed up before the start of the race my mom told me that Sissy said “We must really love Jill” to bear the cold for me.

It was only a 5K which sounds ridiculously short after completing a half-marathon, so I went in knowing I could push myself more than I normally would because it was such a short distance. I was familiar with the course, as it was the same one used for my last 5K back in November 2012, and so the first two miles were about average but as soon as I came down that hill at Edgewater Park and knew I had just one lap left I started to dig in.

The only way I can describe it is to say I put my heart into that third mile and it must have showed because after crossing the finish line my dad mentioned how I had clearly picked up speed there at the end. I finished in 46:40 which wasn’t a PR but at 14:56 average mile, my fastest pace since July so I am very, very happy with that time.

In the end I walked away from the Garage Sale 5K with a River Run half-marathon shirt (which is ridiculously comfy), a Turkey Trot bib, and an award from the Reindeer Run for 1st Place Males Aged 75-79.

Running in the cold was worth it for that medal alone.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “recap: garage sale 5K”

  1. I AM a runner and I think you're crazy!!! I've never run in a race that cold and I'm freezing just thinking about it. Congratulations just for finishing– much less for the awesome time!


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