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get your ride on at harness cycle’s new home

Since opening back in October, my spin studio Harness Cycle has been utilizing a temporary space while waiting for the permanent facility to finish. All renovations were done recently and the studio closed down this past week (which meant no classes, womp womp) to move everything over and get it all set up at their new home on Detroit and W. 29th.

Of course, once the doors opened that could only mean one thing. PARTY!

The new facility is gorgeous. The front lobby is all hardwood and exposed brick. For the open house on Saturday they set up food and drinks there and everyone just kind of mingled and walked around. In the space were the bikes were they had Harness swag (including a lovely dark grey hoodie that I may need to buy sometime soon).

They also had this super cute mini mantra bar set up with notecards of little sayings. I grabbed the one on the far left of the tray. It says do small things with great love and is currently hanging up on my bulletin board above my desk.

It was ridiculously packed last night, which is so fantastic for the studio. This city and residents always do such a good job encouraging local businesses

Now of course I want all of my local readers to go out and support Harness Cycle and get your ride on. So,  for all of my local riders, if you go to their website you can use coupon code WeRide216 to get one free ride! I’d love to see you on the bike with me, I can usually be found at the Wednesday and Friday 6:30 am classes, although I’m well aware that not everyone is an early morning rider so you’ll be forgiven if you opt for one of the later classes. All of the instructors are super fun and friendly and give a great ride.

They have a great schedule with lots of classes throughout the week. Sign-ups go live Mondays at noon and book up fast, so be sure to act quickly to get your bike.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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