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only half crazy

I don’t know how many people notice, but over there on my sidebar I keep a list of my races for the year. After a race is completed, I cross it off, like the Garage Sale 5K, and update my results page. My next race is the annual St. Malachi St. Patrick’s Day themed 5 miler and after that, well, I sorta quietly slipped the Cleveland Half Marathon on the list.

To say this was a spontaneous decision is a bit of an understatement. See, I ran the 10K last year and had briefly considered running it again. Especially after they unveiled a 10K finisher’s medal (I totally run for bling now. I have no illusions about ever winning age awards, but I love me some finishing medals). But I’m trying to be careful with money so the entry fee was my main obstacle.

Well, then, see, all of the official Cleveland Marathon bloggers were offering giveaways that included a free race entry. Needless to say I was all over that shit and entered multiple giveaways. From Run Bake Blog I actually won a subscription to Runner’s World but the best was Friday when I was notified I won a free race entry from Anchored in CLE!

My first instinct was to go for the 10K like I planned, but then I looked at my calendar realized I apparently can’t count and had almost a month more time between now and race weekend than I originally thought. That meant that if I started right away, I had just enough time to follow a 12 week half-marathon training plan.

So, I thought. Why the hell not. Might as well put a free entry to really good use, amirite?

Training started this week and at my friend Mina’s suggestion, I checked out Hal Higdon’s training programs and really liked the schedule so I went with that and only had to switch one or two days to make it agreeable with my personal schedule (like making sure cross training aligns with my classes at Harness Cycle). So, after work on Monday I went over to the nearby Planet Fitness (love my black card!) to get my three miles in. I have a long standing hate for the treadmill, but the big TVs overhead helped.

Since my running has, admittedly, slacked off a bit over the last few months, only really running the occasional race, I was more concerned with distance than pace. So while I hate the whole jog v. run mentality, it was definitely a jog with a few minutes of walking thrown in. Whatever. It was the first day, I’ll build up speed and endurance as the weeks go on. This is also really good for the upcoming St. Malachi race as well as it will get me in shape for that, too.

For the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, I signed up over a year in advance. That meant roughly nine months of mental process of what I was about to do before training even began. This time it was two days between deciding and start of training. Having already finished one half I feel so much more prepared for this one. I also know the importance of training and following the plan as best as possible.

Speaking of RnR, I still plan on running their  2014 Cleveland Half, too. So train and run this one in May and about two or three months later I’ll be starting my training over again!

Talk about things I never thought I’d ever say ever.

Any one else running any of the races during the Cleveland Marathon weekend?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “only half crazy”

  1. GIRL! I also want to do the rock and roll half! I need to sign up, but like you I am also doing the CLE half, I am so happy you won! I won my entry also from Steph Plus 4 about a month ago and almost cried #dramaticmuch?

    What Planet Fitness do you go to? I just signed up so I can do some treadmill runs as well, but I have yet to actually step foot in the gym itself! Good luck! And Happy training, and maybe see ya around! 🙂

    see ADRIENNE run


  2. Well, look at you getting all half crazy! Thanks for the inspiration. I have been so completely out of the running loop and well everything, that I decided to run an 8k in April, since I have already run 5Ks. I started training last week, and realized I can't even run a whole 5k anymore! And my pace… let's not go there. But seeing other people step outside their comfort zone and going for it gives me hope that I haven't made a poor decision! Thanks for the inspiration!

    PS Was just thinking about you yesterday, wonder how you were! Looks like you're doing well!


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