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final february friday fun

For those that might have missed it when I posted it on Twitter and Facebook, my interview with The Lifestyle Accountability show is up on their website!

The interview was done last Monday and I had a fantastic time talking to Adam and Devon. It’s always so weird to hear what my voice sounds like to everyone else out there in the world (versus what I hear in my head) but luckily I actually approve of the final cut. I was worried I’d sound like a complete weirdo or something, being interviewed. (Or maybe I do and I’m just in denial.)

I’m also happy to report that after a super stressful week last week, this week has been sooooo much better. I really do think having the focus of half-marathon training has been a big part of it, but there’s also been lots of big unknowns and balls being juggled behind the scenes and, thankfully, some of them are starting to align and go in a direction that makes me happy happy.

(How’s that for vague, amirite?)

But, yay, it’s the weekend! Tomorrow is a rest day and I gots me some brunch plans on Sunday. Also, uh, hi, March is, like, tomorrow. Kinda snuck up on us there. But that also means my most favorite time of year is just weeks away. My 2014 Film Festival program arrived yesterday. I love it so much I may have kissed it.

Whatever. Y’all know you love my adorable weirdness. Don’t deny it.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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