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what’s up, wednesday?!

As mentioned last week, along with winning a free race entry from Anchored in CLE, I also won a free subscription to Runner’s World from Run Bake Blog! First issue arrived Monday, woot woot!

Just flipping through this issue, I can already tell that the articles are going to be incredibly helpful for my training and running in general and I’m already excited to see what articles appear in future issues.

(In other news I bought a new fancy schmancy computer over the weekend, trading in my seven year desktop for a oh-so-lovely new all-in-one with a ginormous monitor. The light in my office is clearly not good, as seen in the photo above, but once I get that all figured out I may start doing vlogs again!)

My training is going well, I love utilizing Harness Cycle for my cross-training, and after not running for a few months I’m starting to feel more confident about running the St. Malachi 5 Mile race on the 15th. Honestly, though, all I care about is the weather because holy hell last year Mother Nature took a lot of rage out on us runners.

(I also may or may not be planning on getting in the holiday spirit for St. Malachi and dressing up. The get-up may involve sparkly shamrocks. BUT I REFUSE TO CONFIRM OR DENY THAT.)

Last week a few of my co-workers were talking about this twelve week class they teach and how twelve weeks translates to 1/4 of a year. The training plan I’m currently using for the Cleveland Half Marathon and will probably use again for the Rock ‘n’ Roll CLE Half is twelve weeks. That means that I will spend half of 2014 — six whole months — training for half marathons.

I swear to goddess, sometimes the things that come out of my mouth these days….

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “what’s up, wednesday?!”

  1. Ooh I may have to check out that magazine! I tried Harness Cycle and had an amazing time there! I wish I could go more regularly but I'm just happy to have found a new exercise that I enjoy. I hope the weather is decent for the 5-miler, I luckily didn't have to experience last years but as we know, the weather in Ohio is unpredictable! I'm thinking of dressing up a bit for the race too… the weather will determine just how much though, haha.


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