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review: my oatmeal

As a Fit Approach member, I was recently given an opportunity to design and try my own healthy oatmeal combination at My for free. Considering how much I lurve me some breakfast food and eat oatmeal most days during the work week, I naturally jumped all over this chance.

At first I thought, “Oh great! Design my own healthy oatmeal blend? How hard can that be?”

Then I actually went to the website and was so totally overwhelmed by the amount of options that I didn’t even know where to begin and it seriously took me, like, three days to try again.

Eventually I decided to design a carrot cake blend because, hi, carrot cake. My most favoritest kind of cake of all time. (No, seriously. If you’re going to bake me something, bake me carrot cake, k?) I started with the basic quick rolled instant oats, added in their carrot cake flavoring, brown sugar flavor, and vanilla frosting flavor (because what’s carrot cake without some icing on top, amirite?). Then I added in golden raisins and walnuts.

My Oatmeal highly recommends adding in some kind of sweetener when designing your custom blend but I like to have more control over the amount of added sugar going in so even though they offered the artificial sweetener Sucralose, I still opted to not include it in my blend. When I had this a few days ago for the first time I just added my own level of sugar and all was good.

We Fit Approach members were provided with a dollar amount to spend on the My Oatmeal website and while I was trying to figure out if I had enough still left to build another custom blend I was met with the option of purchasing a Mystery Blend for significantly less than building my own. I’m not one to usually go for grab bags or anything like that but with this I was willing to take a chance.

I got the small bags 1 lb bags of this healthy oatmeal and they were still much bigger than I was anticipating, which makes me super happy because both blends are so so so yummy. I still have absolutely no idea what flavoring is in the Mystery Blend (the nutritional information just says added flavoring but doesn’t give details and my taste buds are failing at guessing) but it’s so good and my carrot cake blend is to.die.for. Seriously. I want to marry it, that’s how much I love it.

I also love that the nutritional information was included right on the bags. Of course I immediately figured out the Weight Watchers points for each blend and wrote them right on the bag. Naturally a same size serving of one of these is higher points value than just regular plain instant oats, so I won’t be eating them all the time but they’ll be a nice treat and the “best used by” date is end of August.

Have you ever made a healthy oatmeal blend with Also, be sure to check out Busy Being Jennifer’s blog for a feature on my Etsy shop, PK Paper Company!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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