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Hellooooooo and Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so hoping for nice weather this weekend. Obviously there are lots of reasons to want sunshine, but most importantly tomorrow I’ll be racing in the 34th Annual St. Malachi Run!

I did this race last year and had a great run despite the awful weather. St. Malachi always hosts their annual race around St. Patrick’s Day and this year I’m taking things up a notch by dressing up.

I’m not one to really dress up for races but after getting my pink bunny on for the Christmas Story House 10K back in December, I get it now so when I saw the sparkly green shamrock headband for, like, $2 at Target, I said what the hell.

I think my favorite part about the St. Malachi race is how close the start/finish line is to my apartment. Considering how big the race gets and how limited parking is, being able to roll out of bed and walk two blocks to a race is the most amazing thing ever.

The funny slash convenient thing is that St. Malachi is a 5 Miler and my half-marathon training plan called for a 5 mile long run this weekend. Talk about luck of the Irish, amirite?

Any other Cleveland runners doing St. Malachi? If you see me, be sure to stop and say hi!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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