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recap: 34th annual st. malachi five miler

Another race is in the books! This time it was the annual St. Malachi race which is one of Cleveland’s biggest races, with close to 5000 people participating! (I think that is combined for both the 5 mile and 2 mile.) This is also a race that encourages dressing up. Apparently I’ve become one of those runners that gets in on the action.

The sparkly shamrocks did pretty well for most of the race, although the wind got to a point where I did have to take them off because they were creating drag and slowing me down.

My approach to this race was a lot different than any of my other races. See, I know myself well enough to know that I’m not yet at a point where I can run an entire race except for a short distance like a 5K. There will be walking. It is inevitable. Normally, however, I just run until I can’t run anymore and then walk and hopefully start running again at some point. This has been my approach for, well, all of my races and, y’know, I’ve managed to finish all of them so clearly it works.

Lately, however, I’ve been wondering if that’s the best approach and if, instead, I should build walking into my runs. Basically doing races and, really, all running utilizing intervals. It’s what I’ve been doing at Planet Fitness as I’ve been using the treadmill for half marathon training and so on Saturday I decided to put it to the test at St. Malachi by running for 10 minutes, walking for 3, and on and on for five miles.

I crossed the St. Malachi finish line with a chip time of 1:16:37, which came to a 15:19 minute mile. Not my fastest, but not my slowest either. More than the time, however, I just felt better about the run. I felt strong and as if I could keep running, which I think was really key. I think with my other races when I try to keep running and running I wear myself out and end up walking more simply because I’m too tired to run anymore. By staggering the running I was able to stay focused and tell myself “Just keep going for another 5 minutes and then you get a small break” and was able to power walk for a few minutes. When I would start running again I felt a big burst of adrenaline.

I think my ultimate long-winded, not very well explained point is that intervals really seemed to boost my overall morale and endurance and I think it’s something I’m going to continue incorporating into my runs and especially my upcoming half in May.

This really is becoming one of my favorite Cleveland races and the best part is that it’s so fucking close to my apartment. I’m not even kidding, it’s a little ridic. This year the finish line was literally across the street from my building. Just imagine: run five miles, grab a banana, then just walk across the street and voila. Home.

Of course, yesterday I had to put together my racing scrapbook page. Because I am a big ol’ nerd.

Yes. I own Muppets pj pants. I know you are totes jealous.

Prior to the race I ran into my college roommate Megan, which is always fun. Since graduating 10 years ago we have kept in touch and over the past few years that I’ve been running occasionally run into each other at races. She was actually waiting for me at the finish line of my very first race. One of her goals for this year is to run one race every month which I think is fantastic. I also found out her mom reads my blog, so hi Mrs. C!

This year another fun thing Hermes did was have a couple of contests related to the St. Malachi race. I did design a t-shirt for the t-shirt contest but was happy to lose to the winner because I really liked this year’s design. I also was all over the website Shamrock Hunt and when I submitted my answer after the race, the box that popped up said I had the correct answer so fingers crossed I win me some moola (though the third place prize of a free race entry would be pretty sweet, too.)

Does anyone else do walking/run intervals on a regular basis?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “recap: 34th annual st. malachi five miler”

  1. Doing intervals sounds like such a smart idea! I've never tried it with time limits but I'm still building up my endurance so I can't run for very long yet, but I do try to do intervals of running in with my speed walking. I will definitely have to try this though once I can run longer than a few minutes haha. I'm so bummed I missed this race. 😦 Migraines are the worst.


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