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five o’clock fitness

Being that it’s Wednesday and all, I was supposed to go to my usual 6:30 am spinning class over at Harness Cycle. I was registered and everything and had my alarm clock set only, y’know, my sleep had other ideas.

But wait! This isn’t going where you think it is. I promise.

See, to get to my 6:30 am spinning class on time I usually get up at 5:45 am. Gives me enough time to grab a bit of coffee, wake up a bit and head on over. This morning, however, for whatever reason I was awake — and by awake I mean bright eyed and bushy tailed — at 5:00 am.

So, I had some options. I could get up and just give myself more time to get ready before spinning. I could go back to sleep. Or I could choose Door Number Three, which involved going to Planet Fitness. I was on that treadmill, watching some Law & Order: SVU by 5:45 am.

Not only did I kill it, but you should also be my FitBit Friend.

But, wait! This needs further explanation.

Not only is it Wednesday, it’s a Wednesday at the end of March. Today, you see, is the start of my favorite time of year here in the Land of Cleves: it’s the beginning of the Cleveland International Film Festival. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know I am a huge fan of the film festival and plan entire weekends around it. I’ve volunteered for them as well as been on the selection committee to help choose what films YOU guys see at the festival. This year I bought a membership level all-access pass and was so excited about camping out at Tower City Cinemas Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and indulging in some independent films.

Except, see, I’m in half-marathon training mode and have these long runs to worry about. Over on my blog’s Facebook page, last night I was musing over how these next few weekends are going to be challenging for my half training because of everything going on. At the time, the only  thing I could come up with was forgoing some films at the festival to make sure I got my runs in.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Did I actually just say that? Me? Film Festival Gal? Skip some films to go running. I just said that. Me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love running. I love that I’m currently training for my second half-marathon. I love how running makes me feel. But for fuck’s sake, I done lost my mind with that comment.

So when I was awake at five o’ clock this morning and realized that if I left right away I’d have enough time to get my 5 miles in and still have time to get home and get ready for work and, therefore, have this week’s long run completely out of the way so I could blissfully enjoy the film festival this weekend…

Well, I was out that door faster than you can say Action!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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