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film festival friday


Well, okay, technically speaking the Cleveland International Film Festival started with their Opening Night Gala on Wednesday. But for me, because I work during the week and all, today is my first day getting to attend! Naturally I had to dress for the day with my hoodie purchased last year.

I am also once again turning to Mary Poppins with my CIFF tote bag full of goodies to keep me entertained and fed throughout the day, as I pretty much live at Tower City Center during film fest weekends.

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I bought myself an all-access membership level pass for the 2014 Film Festival. I’ve had a pass like this in previous years as a member of the selection committee, but this year it was either buying my own or tickets. And, lemme tell ya, once you’ve had a pass you can never go back to tickets. I’ve been attending the Film Festival since, like, 1999 so after a good ten years of tickets — and, goddess forbid, standby — I am more than happy to fork over several hundred dollars to wear this lovely badge around my neck. I may also already be starting a savings plan to buy next year’s pass. Because that’s how I roll responsibly, yo.

The upside to this pass is that I can pretty much make up my film schedule as I go along. The downside then is that when people ask me what I’m seeing I kind of have to furrow my brow cock my head to one side, and say “Well, I’m not entirely sure yet…”

My favorite time of day is the early morning so usually I’ll decide what I want to see for the first showing around 9 or 9:30 and decide what sort of mood I’m in as the day goes along, glancing through the film guide to see what is playing next. Am I in a foreign comedy mood or a thought provoking documentary frame of mind?

In other words, there are benefits to being single after all. Like discretionary income and indulgence purchases like this. Speaking of, at last year’s film festival I met a handsome fella who I hung out with in between films and had dinner with in the evenings (and maybe also sometimes made out with, but shhhh, my family reads this). I referred to him as my Film Festival Fling because, well, as soon as the Film Fest was over I was kinda sorta over him. But it was good for the week and a half or so and I’m currently taking applications to be this year’s FFF. Y’know, in case anyone out there in the Land of Cleves is interested….

If you happen to be at the Film Festival this year and see me, be sure to stop and say hi!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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