Cleveland, film festival

staying healthy at tower city during the film festival

How was everyone’s weekend?! Mine, of course, was spent at Tower City for the Cleveland International Film Festival. This really is one of my favorite features of this city and the great mix of films I saw (two documentaries, one drama, one comedy, and a shorts program) reminded me why.

Tower City Center

Knowing I was going to be spending much of the weekend sitting, I made an extra effort to give my FitBit a workout. Friday I was yet again up ridiculously early and decided to go to Planet Fitness to get a workout in. Then, when I had time to kill between movies I made a point to walk around the building. The Cleveland Union Terminal building is gorgeous with a long history here in the city but I had never really paid much attention to the architecture before.

One of the benefits of my pass is that it comes with entry to the Hospitality Headquarters up on the third floor. It’s a space for film festival staff, pass holders, media, and filmmakers to go and hang out between films. Considering those of us who fit any of those categories are the ones spending all day at the festival, it’s nice to have a place to go and relax that isn’t the food court at Tower City.

They also provide us with food, often from local restaurants and businesses. Cookies from Gypsy Beans, baked goods from Zoss, and, of course, Cleveland’s own Pierre’s has ice cream.

They always have healthier options, too, like fruit or veggies, cheese, crackers with peanut butter, chips and salsa or guacamole, etc. (Basically, now that I think about it, lots of stuff with protein. Gots to keep our energy up, yo!) The food court also has some reasonable options, like a Subway and this really amazing build-your-own-salad restaurant. I also bring my own snacks to have on hand, but I like knowing I can always pop upstairs for something, too.

Up on the third floor there are also signs encouraging Tower City shoppers to do what I was doing: walk around. Apparently 9 laps around the top floor equals a mile (it’s a smaller floor than the first and second, so those might be closer to 4 or 5 laps) and along the floor are these bright red signs with healthy information.

Friday I had over 15,000 steps and Saturday was just over 9,000. Not bad for someone who spent both of those days sitting around watching movies.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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