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hello houston!

Over the weekend, I traveled with Sissy and our mom to Houston, Texas, for a long weekend visit with family. I, of course, had to show some Cleveland love while in town with a shirt from Cleveland Clothing Company.

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My maternal grandmother has recently been moved to an assisted living facility, so part of our reason for going to Houston was to help my aunt and uncle clean out her house and decide what we wanted to take home with us. Sissy and I both have contemporary Fiesta as our everyday dishes so we split up my grandma’s vintage Fiesta.

My grandmother owns some pretty bad ass vintage kitchen fabulousness. My own kitchen has a vintage vibe and I love knowing that years and years and years from now I’ll still be cooking and baking with items originally purchased by my grandmother.

Of course, we also spent a lot of time going through old photo albums.

Yes, that is me. No, I’m not sure what’s going on with the look on my face. I am sorta looking at the McDonald’s lunch with a bit of skepticism, like I’m not so sure about this whole fast-food thing. OH IF ONLY MY FIVE YEAR OLD SELF HAD TAKEN THAT AS A SIGN TO STAY FAR FAR AWAY LOLOL.


I will also say that we ate and drank really, really well. My uncle has quite an impressive wine collection and my aunt is a wonderful cook. She makes cooking a community experience, where guests are always given tasks to help in the preparation of the meal which I love.

On Saturday, my cousin, sister, and I went out for lunch at Local Foods where I had a fabulous veggie sammich and vegan chili. And, yes, beer.

Day drinking FTW.

I continue to find it thought-provoking that if I go on vacation and don’t really track what I’m eating, I actually tend to do really well and make good decisions and don’t snack all the time. Same thing happened a few months ago when we were in England. It’s as if intuitive eating just sort of happens naturally when I’m not really thinking about food all the time. The key now is to figure out how to incorporate intuitive eating into my every day life.

One of the 14 goals I set for 2014 was to travel more so this was a nice first step in that direction!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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