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what a most perfect weekend in cleveland looks like

Ever have one of those weekends that was just absofuckinglutely perfect from start to finish? That was me and this past weekend. Because of my work schedule, I actually had three full days of absofuckinglutely perfectness, starting with a 6:30 am spin class at Harness Cycle Friday morning. That was followed by a few hours of volunteering at the Western Reserve Historical Society library and topped off with some patio drinking with friends at Edison’s Pub.

I probably should have skipped at least one of the beers and possibly the greasy piece of pizza I had Friday night, because I knew I had to get up and run 7 miles Saturday morning as part of my half-marathon training. Needless to say, those were some rough miles, but the weather at Edgewater Park was gorgeous and I am so happy happy to see spring here in Cleveland (although I refuse to address the weather forecast for tomorrow. I’m still in denial about the stupid snowflake they keep showing).

If nothing else, while those miles weren’t the easiest, they probably helped burn off that pizza I had the night before because when I stepped on the scale Sunday morning I was actually down a bit.

That afternoon I headed over to The Cleveland Flea, which is this huge outdoor market here in the city with a ton of local vendors selling everything from vintage, to handmade, to even fabulous food. Basically think of it as a CLE pop-up Etsy festival. Not only did I run into my cousin Claudine, but I picked up this lovely vintage tray and typewriter print.

The tray perfectly matches the colors in my kitchen and the print is already framed and hanging out in my home office. The Flea is held once a month between now and October and I’m already looking forward to the next one and all the fabulous new things I’ll find.

Saturday night I babysat my friends David and Erin’s daughters. Well, technically I babysat both, although the one-year-old was asleep the whole time. The three-year-old and I watched Frozen and read Highlights magazine. Erin pretty much knew she had me at the mention of Frozen.

The next morning I drove out to Eton for brunch with the always fabulous Wine Librarian. We picked Paladar, which pretty much had us sold on the whole bottomless mimosa thing (I mean, really. How can anyone be expected to say no to that?). The rest of the day was spent enjoying this beeyootiful weather!

Today I was up early and at the gym before 6 and now I’m rocking one of my most favoritest Joan Holloway-esque dresses. So bring it on, Monday!

How was your weekend? Any other Clevelanders attend The Flea?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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