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if the spin shoe fits

Y’all know I love me some spinning classes over at Harness Cycle. In fact, I love them so much that this past Saturday I did a double, with back-to-back spin classes led by first Katie at 9:30 followed by Renee’s 10:30 am class.

Crazy? Maybe. But I loved every sweaty second of it. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t my legs that hurt after the second class but my arms. I mean, hi. I’m a runner who is currently training for her second half-marathon. I got me some pretty strong legs. My arms, on the other hand, are somewhat neglected.

See, in spin class we work our arms as well. One song is dedicated to using our upper bodies against the handle bars and another song we use 3 lb free weights. Even though the weights are pretty light, working arm muscles while trying to stay balanced on a bike takes, well, work. It wasn’t until we started working arms in my second class that I realized the flaw in my whole pulling a double plan. But I kept going (although, admittedly, when I woke up Sunday my triceps were pretty sore) and honestly would easily considering doing back-to-back classes in the future.

One new thing is that Harness is now renting out Shimano cycling shoes!

Rental is $3, although your first time it’s free. When I was checking in and the receptionist asked if I’d be interested in trying them out, I debated but my first instructor Katie was standing right there at the desk and said I should go ahead and do it, although she warned I’d get addicted.

Yeahhhhhh. She wasn’t kidding.

Riding with cycling shoes clipped into the pedals is a totally different experience from riding with regular sneakers in cages. I wore them for both Katie and Renee’s classes and I’m pretty sure I’ll be renting from here on out.

Until, of course, I end up buying my own pair. Which at this point is only inevitable.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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