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cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change a gal’s life

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought myself some spin shoes.

At first Harness Cycle was just offering rentals but then when they announced you could buy spin shoes through them and the cost would include clips and the installation I was pretty much sold. Riding in clips has completely changed my love and appreciation for spinning. I also see the shoes as an investment because I still want to look into becoming a spinning instructor some day.

I also bought a new pair of running shoes, just in time for the Cleveland Half Marathon. With the half a week and a half away, I have enough time to break them in just a bit but without having to worry that I’ll put too much wear on them. By the time the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon rolls around in October I’ll be primed for another pair. Between my new New Balances and my fabulous CLE Clothing Co. shirt, I’ll be dressed to kill on May 18th.

(It still kind of kills me that I’ll be running in two half marathons this year.)

Often I joke that as a single thirtysomething living in the city I’m like the Cleveland version of Carrie Bradshaw but with less expensive taste in shoes. These weren’t exactly the kind of shoes I meant, but whatever. At least they give me sexy legs to show off when wearing other kinds of shoes, amirite?

In other news, check out my friend Brooke who has been generating a lot of press like on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post over the past couple of days. She is a rock star and I love her and you should follow her blog because she is awesome.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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