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Single Digits! Eight Days Until FitBloggin!


One week from tomorrow I’ll be headed to sunny, sunny Savannah because FitBloggin is only eight days away! Plane tickets, my hotel room, and conference pass were all purchased back in early February and it’s time already!

I seriously can’t handle this, y’all.

This is my “SQUEE!” face

My dining room table is currently acting as my home base when it comes to packing and keeping track of everything I’ll want to take with me, including my business cards and work out clothes/shoes. I work Wednesday night and have a pretty early flight out of CLE on Thursday, so advance planning and packing is necessary (although luckily I a) am usually up pretty early anyway and b) live pretty close to the airport). 

Months ago I purchased this lil clipboard thingy at Target on clearance with no real intention for it and last weekend realized it will be perfect for this trip.
There’s a legal pad of paper for note taking during sessions and a pocket on the inside where I can keep track of my hotel/plane reservations and a print out of the FitBloggin’ schedule.


Awhile ago I decided I needed something to commemorate completing not one but two half-marathons and being a gal who loves her ink, a tattoo was perfect. Considering FitBloggin is a health and fitness conference, it also makes sense to get my half tattoo while I’m in town for the conference, so that’s what I’ll be doing Saturday afternoon!

When I was scheduling my appointment with The Butcher Tattoo Studio and had to describe my tattoo I mentioned I was coming in from out of town and said it was an outline of Ohio with a red heart over Cleveland and 13.1 in the middle. I didn’t even have to explain the significance, because the woman immedietly said “Oh, you should come back in November for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half!” (Considering I’m registered for RnR CLE in October I couldn’t swing that, but I bet Savannah would be nice. Maybe 2015…)

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Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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