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you’re looking at a future certified spin instructor!

Bit of blog housekeeping: Since you guys know so much about me, I decided I want to know more about YOU! So, I’ve set up a quick 10 question survey to get a better idea of who you fabulous people are. Participation is, of course, completely voluntary but I would super appreciate you taking the time. The last two questions in particular are proving so far to be super informative so thank you to everyone who has already submitted their answers!

One of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to research becoming a group fitness instructor. I wasn’t really sure what form that would take, but the more often I was spinning at Harness Cycle the more I started to think and feel this was the path for me. I love the power and energy I get from the class and the support from the instructors. I’ve been spinning 2-3 times a week since October, which just kind of kills me because it doesn’t seem that long at all!

So when I saw that Harness was hosting a one day certification course at the end of July, I, of course, wanted more information so before class yesterday I was asking the owner Annie about it all. She said it was being run entirely by Schwinn, Harness is more acting as a location, but after she told me about the eight hour class and all that would be involved, I decided this was an opportunity I couldn’t let slip by and signed up.

Obviously, after being certified I’m not going to quit my job and run off and become a spin instructor. But it’s nice knowing that I’ll have it as an option for side jobs and making extra money. Really, though, I see it as another way to share my story and inspire other people, especially those other women and men who walk into a spin class and don’t feel like they fit the “look” of the other people in the class. This is another one of those red herrings because it doesn’t matter what you look like or how much you weigh, it’s your ride and you get out what you put in, regardless of outside factors. Most classes are all-levels, with options for everyone from beginners to the more advanced students, and I’m excited to not only learn more about this activity that I have come to love so much but also I’m excited to become more involved from the other side of the bike.

For all you favorite Clevelanders, don’t forget that this tonight there is a Yoga Rocks the Park event at 5:30 in Tremont’s Lincoln Park! This particular session is being led by the awesome Alicia from Poise in Parma and I hope to see you there!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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