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Favorite FitBloggin Fotos

Ohmygosh, you guys. I got back to Cleveland yesterday evening and I’m still trying to process all of the awesomeness that was FitBloggin’ 14. Like, I can’t even. The people, the sessions, the city of Savannah — all of it came together to create a magically delicious weekend.

Friday night was the big Ignite presentation and Bama + Ry Jewelry was there selling these amazing bangle sets that I, of course, had to buy. I ended up doing a ton of walking in Savannah, partly because I stayed at a different hotel than the conference, but when I got back Saturday night I was floored by how many steps I had taken that day, including my trip to Butcher Tattoo for my new ink.

A few weeks ago I said I was most looking forward to meeting the people and it really was the best part of traveling to Savannah. Not only did I get to meet people I knew were going to be there, like Alan, Emily, and Brooke, (and, not pictured, Emmie and Liz, who brought her daughter E2 who was amazingly well-behaved and super popular), I also met people I didn’t know where going to be there, like Dawn, and made some new friends, too, like Mickey and Stephanie
The view from my hotel room was to die for. Which is fitting, considering Savannah is reputed to be the most haunted place in the United States, a little fact I learned on the two ghost tours I took including a rather spontaneous decision to take the trolley Ghosts & Gravestones tour Saturday evening. Because I was staying at the Marriott I walked the River Walk at least twice a day, although technically I cheated a bit Friday night and took a pedicab part of the way back to my hotel.
(Shhh. Yes, I know my tattoo is technically upside down. I’m a weirdo like that)
The conference covered many meals, including breakfast all three days, but most of the sponsors had yummy snack options during the breaks. Ninja Kitchen provided awesome smoothies and California Almonds had a make your own trail mix station while California Avocado had these amazing blueberry muffins baked with avocados which sounds weird but were super good. 
But most of the time we were on our own for dinner but it was okay because Savannah has some fucking outstanding restaurants and it was a great opportunity to connect with fabulous friends, such as Kelly and Nathan, and meet new ones as well! 

That’s right: in 2015 the FitBloggin family is hitting Colorado! It’s entirely possible I already started looking up flight options. Just to see.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

14 thoughts on “Favorite FitBloggin Fotos”

  1. I was so mad I missed this SAV is only 2 hours from me, easy drive. Couldn't get off work. I still have yet to make it to a blogger conference and they look fabulous.


  2. I have the recipe at home (they gave us a little booklet with various avocado recipes) so when I get home tonight I can send it to you or you might be able to find it on the California Avocado website!


  3. Very cool tattoo! I love that a bunch of people got inked in Savannah. My wrist one is technically upsidedown, too, because I wanted to be able to read it when I looked at it. Plus, if you wave at someone it's right side up 🙂


  4. Hello Jill! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm on a quest to lose 160 pounds, and being able to read everyone's recaps of FitBloggin '14 has been SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey with newbies like myself. 🙂


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