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avocado blueberry muffins from California Avocados

One of the many many awesome sponsors we had at FitBloggin 14 was California Avocados. As someone who lurves avocados I was, naturally, super excited about this and was very appreciative of the fancy schmancy avocado cutter that was included in everyone’s swag bag.

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One of the sessions I had to, unfortunately, miss was about using avocados as a fat replacer but luckily most of the sessions were liveblogged by someone who was attending so I was able to attend virtually after returning home.

Honestly, it had never occurred to me to use avocados in such a way, especially in baking, but one morning California Avocados had samples of Avocado Blueberry Muffins that completely changed my opinion on that. So over the weekend when I was looking over the recipe and realized I had all of the ingredients hanging out in my fridge and cabinet, I decided to do some spontaneous baking.

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These Avocado Blueberry muffins are super easy to make (although my streusel topping is a hot mess but WHATEVER) and try not to let the batter’s verde color throw you off, I promise you can’t taste the avocado and you’ll feel good knowing you’re using a good fat in this super tasty breakfast option.

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The recipe is available on the California Avocado website (and they aren’t compensating me for this post, this was totally on me wanting to make them!), and be sure to check out the other recipes they have.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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