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yoga rocks the park cleveland with scott supler

Saturday morning was another fabulous day for Yoga Rocks the Park Cleveland, nice and bright and sunny and, at least when the class started, cool with a lovely breeze. I had to miss the last event because of FitBloggin so I was super excited to get my mat back out to Tremont’s Lincoln Park for this session, led by Scott Supler from Cleveland Yoga. As an Official Blogger for Yoga Rocks the Park Cleveland I get to attend these classes for free and getting to say “I’m on the list” never gets old.

Scott led us through a great practice, taking the motto of KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid for his class on Saturday. The first half hour of class he took us through Sun Salutations A and B but he really sloooooooooooowed them down which added a completely different element to these poses I know so well. He also had some fantastic music choices, including one song that sounded like a remixed Fleetwood Mac. Which I didn’t know was a thing. But apparently it is.

When I first got there I was in the tree shade but as the sun rose I got full on sunshine and by the end was sweating and not just from the practice. I also had failed to think ahead and put on sunscreen but I’m still pretty pasty white so maybe this added a bit of color!

My friend Alicia from Poise in Parma took the spot next to me and after attending not one but two YRP classes led by her it was so much to actually practice next to her. After, I also got to meet Rachel from It’s a Hero.

Alicia, me, and Rachel. Photo from Alicia

Yay spontaneous blogger meet-ups!

We are about halfway through this year’s season of Yoga Rocks the Park but there is still plenty of time to attend one of the upcoming sessions.

If you do and happen to see me, please come and say hi!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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