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the one that is all authentically emmie’s fault

One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Authentically Emmie. Like her moniker suggests, she’s real and authentic and a bad ass plus size fashion blogger with a fabulous sense of style. So the other week, when she wrote a post highlighting some of her favorite Kiyonna pieces that were on sale, I decided to check the website out. Just to see.

This is sort of like that time I went to the humane society “just to look” at the cats and came home with Chloe.

In other words, you should already know how this story is going to end.

So, I purchased the Caleigh Convertible piece in navy and teal. When I realized the other day that this teal top with the big ol’ flower thing that I’ve had for years almost exactly matches the teal in the skirt, I was ridiculously happy.

The mirror at work has seen many an Outfit Of The Day pictures

Adorbs, right? Originally marked at $68, I got it for $30. Now, I realize that sounds like a lot of money for a skirt but I forgot to mention the best part…

It converts to a dress.

I seriously need to buy a tripod. LOL

Threw on a wide black belt and blazer, switched the sandals I had been wearing for a pair of black wedges and boom. Perfect two-in-one Day to Night piece.

Ugh. Fine. I suppose I can forgive Emmie after all.

You still have time to enter my giveaway to win one of two Quest Nutrition variety packs!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “the one that is all authentically emmie’s fault”

  1. I checked them out because of her as well a while ago 🙂 I can only afford to do so when it's on sale. I opted for a shirt I LOVE but I was really grateful I got it on sale. If I paid the original price tag I would be disappointed, the material is very thin and almost see-through. I love that convertible. Great choice!


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