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welcome august and walkabout

So, like, it’s August. I have no idea how that happened, but there it is. This year is just moving too damn fast for me to keep up and offline I’m working on a big personal project with a January deadline and there’s half-marathon training, so needless to say the second half of 2014 is going to be cray-cray.

It’s also been one month since FitBloggin and one month since I decided to accept the body that is a result of my lifestyle and when I weighed myself this morning I was right where I needed to be. Technically I should have waited until this Wednesday, but I’m still working on how often I weigh in and I have a feeling I always will find that to be a challenge.

This was a super busy and full weekend, which is always fun but I was grateful for a calm relaxing Sunday yesterday. Friday night I met up with an old high-school friend for dinner at Peachtree Southern Kitchen and it was delish. I went for the fried green tomatoes and house salad and both were just right portions in a Goldilocks kind of way.

I ended up spending the night at my parents’ and Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get a 4 mile run in around the neighborhood.

It was a gorgeous morning but while the weather was fine when I first set out, by the end it was ridiculously humid and just blah.

After my run I headed to the local public library for research purposes and I also ended up walking a bunch around my hometown before heading back to Cleveland for dinner and a movie with BC. By the end of the night I was exhausted.

Well. That certainly explains it.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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