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Welcome GG9!

Over the weekend, our fair city of Cleveland opened its arms to welcome those involved with the 2014 Gay Games! Friday night I took my half training long run downtown where I spotted this sign on the back of the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library.

You can’t tell from the picture, but each letter has a different color around it, forming a rainbow. Because of the library’s location and the layout of the city, the sign can be seen from the Festival Village a couple blocks away.

On Sunday, thanks to a friend’s FB status, I discovered the rowing competition was being held at The Cleveland Metroparks newest location, Merwin’s Wharf at Rivergate, which is within walking distance of my apartment.

It was right around lunch time, so I first went to a nearby market to get a sandwich and fruit before walking back over to the banks of the Cuyahoga, where I settled in and had a lovely lunch while watching the rowers!

It was a gorgeous day and I stayed and watched and cheered the rowers for about an hour before heading back home. The events and activities are lasting all week long and taking place in both Cleveland and Akron. I have to work, but hopefully I’ll be able to check out some of the events next weekend.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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