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So. It’s September. And I have no idea how that happened. This year has been flying by and before you know it October will be here. (Which is okay, because October means Halloween which means MY MOST FAVORITEST HOLIDAY EVER.)

That being said, I do love the first day of a new month. There’s just such an overwhelming sense of fresh starts, especially since when that first day falls on a Monday (and a holiday, here in the States!). This month in particular allows for lots of new beginnings: I started my 10K training this morning and wrote up a new Goal Digger sheet (a free printable courtesy of my friend Brooke). It’s a great way to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals with a reward to keep you motivated (mine is this fabulous running tank).

One goal I’m really, really working hard on is drinking enough water. I mean, I know the importance of staying hydrated but sometimes getting enough water is hard. I’m a big fan of reusable water bottles and such and I’ve found that the less refills I have to make, the easier it is mentally to get enough water. So when I saw this 32 oz fake mason jar thing at Tarjay I, of course, had to have it.

Drink two of these and I’m already at 64 ounces! On either Wednesday or Thursday of last week I managed over 100 without even really trying or thinking about it. Good buy, Jill. Good buy.

Despite today being a holiday and not having to work (aka, being allowed to sleep in), I woke up bright and early to get my butt over to Vision Yoga for the 6:30 am Open Flow class. Being that today is a holiday I was super grateful they were still having class but even with people being off I was still very surprised when I ended up being the only person in class. At first I was really nervous about that but it ended up being great because the instructor Geoff was really focused on helping me with alignment and poses. It also allowed him to make the practice a little more personalized: we hold poses for a long time in the class, in particular Shoulder Stand for, like, five minutes. I wish I was kidding. It’s intense and I can’t hold it for that long but today he only made me hold it for two minutes and it was a challenge but I pushed through. I’m also pretty sure he saw the 13.1 tattoo I got at FitBloggin and was all OH LET’S STRETCH OUT HER HAMSTRINGS LOLOLOL

I have a good feeling about September and forsee lots of fun and new adventures happening, both this month and over the course of the last remaining months of 2014. Who is ready to rock it out with me?!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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