nutri ninja review

One of the perks of going to FitBloggin back in June was getting to connect and network with some really awesome companies. One of these companies was Ninja Kitchen who make phenomenal kitchen products. I won one of their blenders at a work Christmas party a few years ago and love it so when I saw they were sampling the Nutri Ninja at FitBloggin, I appreciated an opportunity to speak with them and sample some of the smoothies they offered us during break times.

Not only that, a few weeks later they sent me my very own Nutri Ninja to use and review. So full disclosure on that part, but as always, being the opinionated gal that I am, this review is all my own thoughts on the product.

It’s taken me this long to post this review because I wanted an opportunity to try the Nutri Ninja out in a variety of ways, just to see all that it can do. And, seriously, this thing can do a lot. When I made my honey roasted chipotle almond crusted tilapia a few weeks ago, I used the Nutri Ninja to grind the almonds. With a different flavor and a few more pulses, I was also able to make honey roasted vanilla almond butter. The other day I made a pumpkie smoothie and notice the ice in the picture above? Yeah, the Nutri Ninja can totally handle ice like it was, uh, y’know, water. Or something like that.

Over the weekend I decided to make the peanut butter hummus recipe that Budget Bytes posted and it was so ridiculous easy making it in the Nutri Ninja, like I can’t even.

The product comes with two cups, an 18 oz and a 24 oz, and sip cup style lids which make them super easy to transport (which is good, because the pumpkin smoothie I made ended up making a lot so I was able to drink it in the car on the way to work). Everything, including the blade, is dishwasher safe so clean-up is easy and they even included a little recipe book with some recipes to try. There are no buttons to push or different speeds to choose from. You just put the cup in and push down on the top to spin the blades. When you’re done, take the cup out and either scoop the hummus or peanut butter or whatever into a different container or if it’s a smoothie of some sort, just switch the blades for a sip cup lid.

With most standard blenders, the lid is the removable part and it’s always a serious pain to blend something and try and dig it out from around the blade without slicing your own fingers. Not so with the Nutri Ninja, because the blade is the removable part so then you can just use a spoon or spatula to scrape out the insides without hitting the blades.

That being said, there are ridges on the inside of the cup that make it a little tricky. Like, normally I would just stick a spatula in there and do a kind of circle motion to cleanly scrape the interior in one movement. With the Nutri Ninja the side of the spatula keeps getting hit and stopped by the ridges so it’s not as fluid as I’d like but after using it several times over the past couple months that really is my only complaint.

Thanks again to Ninja Kitchen for giving me an opportunity to try the Nutri Ninja out!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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