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hello and happy tuesday

So apparently you weirdos liked seeing “Unfiltered Jill” in Friday’s video post.

Based on some of the comments from you fabulous folks, it was the honesty you all appreciated the most. Like I said, sometimes it’s easy to…maybe not filter necessarily but when writing I tend to edit and tweak and in the process possibly lose the authenticity because, well, I’m a writer and I want things to read well. With videos it’s all out there in real time, as it were.

Actually, though, all of your comments in support of that video meant a whole lot to me, so thank you for everyone who said anything on Twitter, Facebook, Emailed me, etc. But, yes, that gives you an idea of what BC deals with on a regular basis lolol.

I equally liked seeing Unfiltered Jill so I will probably do more video posts but since I know not all of you can easily watch them at work or whatever, I’ll make a point to 1) include a written portion to sum up what is in the video if you can’t watch it and 2) try not to make it as long. ‘Cause who has 15 minutes to spare to watch a blog video, amirite? Of course, I also had a friend say she prefers videos over written posts so I’ll try and strike a happy balance. That same friend is a photographer and she offered some advice regarding lighting (her exact words were that the lighting made “…[her] skeleton want to crawl out of [her] body”) so hopefully I’ll have that fixed next time!

So my Weight Watchers meeting on Friday went well. The number that showed up was what I anticipated so that wasn’t a surprise. I chose this particular meeting for several reasons, one of which just the simple fact it works best with my work schedule (yay for having Fridays off!) It’s not in Cleveland exactly, but over in Parma which was maybe only 15 minutes away so for 9:30 am totally doable. Being at 9:30 also means I’ll be able to fit in a “last chance” workout with my usual 6:30 am spin class beforehand and still have time to get home to shower and have breakfast and all that jazz.

The other reason I picked this meeting is because the leader is the same one from when I did this a year ago and I really, really liked her. Of course, she actually had a sub this past week but that’s okay.

One new thing is the two week Simple Start plan for new members, which is basically Simply Filling, which I looooooooove. Of course, last time I did SF I was a vegetarian so now it’s like a whole new world of protein has opened up! It’s kind of exciting, actually. Sissy also signed up (she was partially responsible for pushing me from “I’m thinking about signing up” to “I am definitely signing up”) and while I know lots of people also doing WW, it’s nice having someone who is at the same place as I am right now with the program, so we’ve been exchanging daily texts and emails about the simply start foods we’ve been eating.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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