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what i love wednesday: my health hero

Did you guys know that October is Health Literacy Month? Me either, until Oscar Insurance — an insurance company that serves the NJ and NY areas — sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in writing about my Health Hero. I was already planning on writing a somewhat related post so it was perfect timing! (I’m also not being compensated for this, you know, full blogger discretion and all.)

In many ways, this is actually a throwback post because I actually wrote about this person a little over two years ago. She was the one who inspired me to sign up for Weight Watchers the first time around back in January 2011 and she’s also part of the reason I signed up this time around. That, of course, would be my younger sister, Amy.

So, a couple weeks ago, on a Thursday, I sent my sister an email letting her know I was unhappy with my current weight and lack of physical activity and thinking of joining Weight Watchers. She said she was feeling the same and asked if I wanted to recommit together. Before I even had a chance to respond she emailed me back letting me know she’d signed up to attend a meeting that night after work.


Really, though, knowing she’d already signed up, already committed, was enough to get me to take the plunge, too, and so the next morning I headed to my first meeting. As it turns out, the meeting theme that first week was “Better Together.” Talk about a fitting subject.

When I did Weight Watchers the first time around back in 2011, I did it 1) online and 2) all by myself. That is, I didn’t have a community, either at a meeting or the fabulous people I’ve met on Twitter over the years. This time, not only do I have all those blends (blogger + friends), but I have my sister and that, more than anything, is what keeps me going. Throughout the day we exchange food ideas and recipes and motivate each other. I have no doubt that our frequent check-ins are why we both had such a successful first week (I lost 5.2, she lost 4.2!)

Because of where she lives she does a ton of walking and on Monday she sent me a text that her mantra for the day was Why walk 10000 steps when I can walk 15000? I mean, if that kind of attitude doesn’t define a health hero, I don’t know what does.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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