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Recap: Running the Bridges 3.5 Miler

I honestly had absolutely no idea how this race was going to go. Like, no clue. My last race was back in May, then I started training for a half-marathon, then switched to the 10K, then both events got cancelled and my running has been somewhat non-existent. I’ve been walking a lot so at 3.5 miles I wasn’t worried about finishing but I was a little worried about pace.

So I decided I needed a little incentive to help me remember to follow my blog tagline of being my own hero.

Did you guys know Bat Girl was a librarian?

I don’t usually do costumes but some previous races, like St. Malachi and Christmas Story House 10K have convinced me otherwise. A few weeks ago I was at one of those pop-up Halloween stores looking for items for my costume and realized they had a whole bunch of superhero costumes available. Many of them, this one included I think, are actually pajamas but that only means it’s super comfy. My favorite part is that it’s long sleeve with thumbholes and has a detachable cape! It’s actually a bodysuit so I’m just wearing long black pants under. I bought this one for fall/winter races and a different character for summer races but you’ll have to wait until, well, summer to see that one. LOL. Luckily the socks work for both.

Are you following me on Instagram?

If nothing else, it made it easy to tell people who were going to be there that I’d be the red head dressed as Batman.

So, this race was special because it was celebrating the one year anniversary of Harness Cycle! A year ago I went to one of the opening weekend rides and since then have been attending pretty much weekly. I was at the party for their permanent studio and even got certified as an indoor cycling instructor there! Considering the big impact owner Annie and the whole team has had on my life over the past year I, of course, had to show my support by running in their race.

This was the Running the Bridges race so, naturally, Cleveland’s many, many bridges came into play. There were actually two races: the 1.7 mile ran over the Detroit-Superior Bridge and turned around while the 3.5 mile ran over the Detroit-Superior and the Lorain-Carnegie. It essentially made for a big loop that ended back near the spin studio.

Lorain Carnegie Bridge, with two of the Guardians of Traffic ahead

I opted for the 3.5 mile run and started out strong but it was a small race with some fierce runners and by mile one I knew I was totally in last place but I was having fun and feeling strong so, whatevs.

(I actually have an Ignite Fitness Keynote idea I plan on pitching for next year’s FitBloggin related to this subject and I think I finally have a title: It’s Not Last Place, It’s Running With Police Escort!)

Long time readers will know this is not the first time this has happened to me and that I came in last place at my very first race. But, I fully embraced last place then and I embrace it this time, too. Somebody has to come in last place, it’s the nature of the beast. I mean, hello. I was out there in a fucking Batman costume. This is not the time to start getting self-conscious, this is the time to just fucking own it all.

Here’s the thing: I wasn’t even really running that slow, like a 15:30 mile and that includes some walking. Sure, it’s not exactly fast but I’ve finished plenty of races with a slower pace without being last so really, coming in last place doesn’t necessarily mean you are slow, it just means on that day, in that race, you were the slowest person.

Right after the Mile 3 marker I ran into my friend Gina who was actually volunteering at the event and she walked with me for about  a quarter of a mile. Then, right near the end, I looked up ahead and saw Papa G. and BC waiting and seeing them gave me the push I needed to pick up my pace and cross that finish line strong.

After, BC and Papa G. and I headed to Town Hall for brunch and I spent the rest of the day running errands then being lazy. I also, of course, had to make sure to get my FitBit synced up now that I have it connected to my Weight Watchers account. I love love love that it calculates Activity Points automatically and I earned 8 with this race! Hopefully that will go towards having another great weigh-in this Friday.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “Recap: Running the Bridges 3.5 Miler”

  1. Love that you F-ing owned it. I mean Damn, not everyone is cool enough to get their own police escort. It was very VIP of you.
    And you were not last place, there were a bajillion ( I know made up number, but still) people to lazy to get out of bed so you kicked all their asses too. And they didn't get the VIP treatment.


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