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three three

Over the weekend, BC and I went to see “Interstellar” or, as he likes to call it, “McConaughey In Space.” Not to give too much away (after all, River Song is my spirit animal so “Spoilers!” is my mantra), the film deals with space travel of such extreme distances that relativity not only comes into play but is actually a major plot point. I mention this only because, well, today is mah birfday so growing older is on my mind and usually this time of year I get a little bit nostalgic.

Truthfully, though, as I inch closer to my mid-thirties, I find myself less interested in looking back and more interested in looking forward.

The magic of PicMonkey

I spent most of my twenties, well, not exactly floundering but feeling a little lost. Like I had no idea what the fuck I was doing while all of my friends and family had all their shit together. Like the lovely Margaret Atwood once wrote, Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.

(Of course, now I realize pretty much everyone feels that way, they all just managed to hide it really, really well.)

My thirties started in Las Vegas on a family trip and started out pretty well, although thirty-one was a rough year but as I rounded the corner of thirty-two, things began to pick up steam and lots of really awesome things happened this past year, including the fact that I started dating BC and got a book contract, which I’ve been working on over the past couple of months (subject is not related to this blog). Both of these things are moving in a very positive direction that makes me excited and happy for the upcoming year and all the others coming after it.

So, I guess that’s the difference this year. In the past I maybe never felt like I had anything concrete to look forward to as I got older and while, obviously, I have no idea what actually will happen in the future, I have a really, really good feeling about the direction my life is headed. Not just in a vague sort of semi-optimistic way, but in a life-affirming, positive, I have proof life is awesome kind of way.

Since today is mah birfday that means it’s the LAST DAY to get the Early Bird pricing on my Virtual #Birfday5K. For more information on the 5K and why I’m choosing the Cleveland International Film Festival as my non-profit of choice, see this post.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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