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mama’s still got it

I admittedly have not been running at all since mid-October and the Running the Bridges  race. I completed the Bernie Shuffle 5K a couple weeks later, but that I walked so I’ve been a little out of practice in the actual running arena.

But then I was announced as a CLEmarathon Ambassador and decided I’m running the half and then I registered for the St. Malachi 5 mile race which is held every March and then I started to get a little nervous.

My awesome sister has started doing Couch to 5K and is totally rocking it. I know this for a fact because she was in town over the weekend and Saturday morning we went to with our dad to his gym and she and I were on side-by-side treadmills and I got to watch her. For someone who has never run before she’s killer and runs at a really nice pace.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned to her that I was considering doing C25K over again as a means of getting back into my running groove. That’s how I started running way back in the beginning, about two years ago, and it clearly worked and it seemed like a good way to get back to basics in a way. But while we were at the gym I decided to just see where I am in terms of running after taking so much time off.

When I trained for the Cleveland Half back at the beginning of the year, I built a playlist that included walking breaks. Utilizing armed forces marching chants for the walking segments, I would walk about 3 minutes, run 12-13, rinse and repeat. It worked really well and I’m planning doing the same thing when I train for the 2015 half.

So the playlist is still on my Spotify app and so on Saturday while at the gym I decided to try it out, again, just to kind of gauge where my body is at this point. Turns out, I’m still in pretty good shape! I did two miles on the treadmill with the run/walk alternating and while I was my usual slow self, considering I haven’t been running at all I was quite happy with my ability to keep running for those 12 or 13 minute segments.

Obviously being able to run 2 miles is still a long way off from being able to run 13.1 but luckily I’m not training yet and I’m still planning on starting C25K over again as a means of starting to train for St. Malachi and to build up my legs a bit more to conquer those 5 miles.

Even better, though, I got done with those two miles and felt amazing. Part of my recent retreat from running was from having lost my mojo but those miles were one of those runs were I was reminded of why I love running so much. Hopefully I can jump on that motivation train and keep it going.

Love from the ashes
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “mama’s still got it”

  1. Nice job just feeling your body and going with it 🙂 I have been slowly hitting the treadmill again, not following a program but doing my own little intervals. It feels good. I am not forcing myself though because I know I'll just get bitter about it. So for not, I do 2x-3x a week when I feel like it. Still slow (so slow), but better than letting my rear take the shape of the couch 🙂


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