weight loss

guaranteed way to stay on track at the holiday party

Have your Weight Watchers leader be the mother of one of your friends and have her show up at her son’s Christmas soiree. 
True story. 
In all the years I have attended this annual event, this friend’s mom has never been there. But this year, she was not only there, she was the first person I saw when I walked in the door. I, obviously, recognized her and she clearly knew she knew me but couldn’t quite place me. It wasn’t until she talked to her son that it all clicked. When I went down to reintroduce myself after everything was figured out, I’m standing there with my beer in hand and all I wanted to do was say “I promise I tracked this already!” 
I will say, though, (and I plan on telling her this at this week’s upcoming meeting), that while it was a big surprise seeing her there in the end I think it was the best thing ever. Usually at this party I hover around the food table, which is covered with the usual party food of chips, dips, and lots and lots and lots of Christmas cookies. I will seriously spend all night grazing, not paying any attention to portions or even what I’m eating, really. Even when I did Weight Watchers in the past I’d go to that holiday party and kind of give myself permission to just say fuck it and eat whatever.
This year, though, I stayed far far away from the food table because all I could think was OMG what if my WW leader sees me mindlessly eating. When I finally did get some food I went for the raw veggies first, had some of the chips and dip, one very small dessert piece and tracked everything. Man on mangoberry was I surprised how quickly those points added up. Which then, of course, made me think about how much I must have been consuming in the past.
I have not done as well this holiday season as I would have hoped, being up both last week and the week prior. Womp womp. Whatever. It’s my own fault. So this past weekend I tried to focus a lot more on making better food choices with that Christmas party being the first test. Saturday night, BC and I met Sissy and BIL for dinner at Barrio which is a fancy build your own taco joint and it’s really really easy to get in to trouble because they have all sorts of crazy taco shells. Like, way more advanced than just hard or soft. Think hard + soft + guac + queso + whatever fillings you actually put inside. 
BUT I WAS NOT GOING TO FALL INTO THAT TRAP THIS TIME. Oh, no. THIS time I went for a bowl, so the fillings minus the shells. It was the first time I’d tried the bowl option and it was actually really good (and made me feel way less guilty about the two beers I drank that night). Definitely something to consider next time we go. 
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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